Stargate Universe episode 1.13 – Faith a review

It would be wrong to call the people on the Destiny it’s crew, they are a too divided for that. The coup the Civilians tried in the last episode Divided becomes more believable as we understand their concerns over Colonel Young’s decision to abandon Rush on that alien planet back in episode ten. He is deeply distraught by it himself and try to go the extra mile to make everything work. The resentment and mistrust between the two groups are there all the time.

Maybe it is best exemplified with Lt Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong. He can barely look at her and goes out of his way to avoid her since she took the other side. And I can understand him, they where in a relation and she knew and didn’t say anything. I would have felt betrayed also.

The food is bad, their tools are bad, living on the Destiny is not so great. It is almost like a wish come true when the Destiny unexpectedly drops out of FLT. There seems to be an unexpected star in the way, one that appeared here after the seed ships passed by (Destiny is preceded by automated ships that plant Stargates on the worlds ahead). To everyones surprise the sun is orbited by a single life bearing planet. That planet has no affair being there, it takes millions of years for a planet to form. Rush theorizes that it is an artificial planet, but there is no signs of intelligent life. Eli suggests some kind of Genesis device (From Star Trek).

They send the one working shuttle down to check out the planet. It has a remarkable resemblance to the lakes and woodlands of Canada and the previous installments of Stargate. The world is hospitable and the fruits edible which a foolish Greer proves with a bite. That is the single most unbelievable part of this episode. Ronald Greer is supposed to be a Master Sergeant. The backbone of any army is it’s NCO:s. With their Master Sergeants on top. They are supposed to be the ones making people jump when an officer orders it. Or the morale is so low that even he succumbs. They also discover a gigantic obelisk, over 2 km high in a valley on the planet as they leave.

The ship lays out a course around the obstacle that will take it around the sun in a bit over a month. Most of that time will be out of shuttle range of the planet. They decide to send down the people that want to go, to explore the planet and the obelisk during the month Destiny will be out of range.

From the beginning i noticed that the crew all seemed to be suffering from bad health, TJ looks like she is about to throw up,  Scott is suffering from bad skin or bad tools and Rush is having stomach pains, probably from the operation when they removed the alien transmitter.

At the beginning down on the planet the tension is bad between the civilians and the military personnel, but Scott steps forward and try to mend fences. It soon becomes like one of those team building exercises, they build together, play together, and explore together. Even Scott and Chloe seems to reconcile a bit after he walks in on her taking a nude dip in the lake. A very short Kodak moment there, I wonder if the water in that lake was cold? TJ become more and more peculiar down there, showing signs of throwing up, walking away to be with herself and such. Just when you start to think that it is something wrong with the planet she reveals to Chloe that she is pregnant and has been pregnant since she came aboard the Destiny. And that morning sickness is a good sign. Chloe has to promise not to tell anyone.

The ground team doesn’t learn anything about the Obelisk beside that one night it shoots a great beam of light up in the sky probably to the creators of the planet. Some start to think about staying on the planet, there is one guy that becomes almost religious and tells everyone to trust the aliens to come and help them.

Meanwhile on Destiny they decide to repair and explore the ship, FINALLY! As the main engines is down they can now use the surplus energy to extend the shield and start to repair damage to the ship and the second shuttle. They find what appears to be some kind of warehouse. When they open a box they find what appears to be a shut down robot. Rush decides that they should leave it for later. That is something I am looking forward to see more of in future episodes.

When destiny once again comes into range they are faced with a dilemma. Some of the ground team wants to stay. TJ is one of them that wants to stay. She tells TJ and Chloe she is pregnant and she doesn’t want to raise a child on the ship. Lt Scott seems taken by TJ’s state. He deduces that Colonel Young is the father but he still wants to stay behind and help TJ. For me it seems like he has feelings for TJ, and Chloe is not to happy about it.

The discussions rage back and forth. Rush wants Young to order a military detail down and force them to return at gunpoint, which is relatively ironic considering they rebelled against that last episode. In the end Young takes the second shuttle down and offer them it to have as protection if they surrender their military personnel. There is a tense scene where Tamara has the opportunity to tell Everett she is pregnant but she decides to return to the ship instead taking most of the group with her. Chloe and Scott also return.

I got the feeling all of the people returned, but I am not sure. We will see if we have two working shuttles, then they all went back.

Interesting that Destiny leaves the system without finding out who the aliens where. There is a good chance we will find out down the way.

What I like best with this episode was at the end. The crew of Destiny sitting down and eating together, showing joyful signs of camaraderie. They had hell of a team building down there. The one thing that has bugged me most with the show before has been the overblown dramas they have had, that reminded me of shows like Big Brother and Survivor where you put people together with the sole purpose of creating conflicts as entertainment.  I have hope we have left that behind now. I like drama it’s the fire that keeps the engine going, but it should be believable drama.

Wow, it was a great episode even Rush and Young seemed to become more friendly at the end. Wonder what next week brings?