Stargate Universe – Incursion – Season Finale

I elected to combine the two part season finale to one review. This Review contains spoilers.


The Lucian Alliance tries to take control of Destiny, but they too are cut off from home as the Icarus planet they dialed from exploded.

Colonel Telford, free of the mind control is undercover with the Lucians when they board the ship so Young doesn’t open the gate room to space as he intended, instead giving the Lucians a foothold. The Lucians occupies the gate room and takes some of Destiny’s crew hostage among them TJ.

There is something off with one of the members of Kiva’s party, he was friendly with Rush in a peculiar way while back at the Icarus planet. What is his story? Who does he work for?

Destiny dropped out of FTL when dialed but the counter to the next jump has not started. Why?

Something weird is happening with the ship. One of the Lucian soldiers is disintegrated by a strange light coming from outside the ship. I first thought it could be the advanced aliens from that constructed solar system who caught up with Destiny. Then we learn that on top of the invasion the ship dropped out of FTL next to a binary system orbiting a black hole. It is what has been happening to the ship, every time the sun rotates around the black hole a burst of gamma radiation hits the Destiny and it has to boost its shield every time. Now the shields are about to fail. Rush and the science team comes up with a solution but someone has to go outside to fix it but to get outside they have to use an exit Kiva controls. She blackmails them into turning over control of the ship to her before allowing it. Telford comes up with a plan where he would turn control back to Rush who will hide from capture. Unfortunately Kiva walks in on him when he is about to and they both shoot each other. Kiva is alive but unconscious while Telford to all appearance is dead.

Eli and Chloe hide and end up in an unexplored part of the ship. Since Colonel Young shut down life support in all unused parts of the ship in preparation for the attack they struggle to survive. After the prisoner exchange they discover that Eli and Chloe are missing but they don’t start looking for them. Eli finds a console and has to leave Chloe to rush to save  Scott and Greer who are trapped outside.

In the final minutes a firefight breaks out in the infirmary and TJ is hit, Chloe looses consciousness, Young and his men are separated from the civilians and are about to be executed, Scott and Greer are still trapped outside. Talk about cliffhanger!

We also have the mystery of the disappeared  ancient-chair man. Where is he?


Rush – I like the way he starts to make sense and I can understand some of his motivations and I am starting to love his character and the dynamics in the conflict between him and Young – For the sake of the crew – they both agree to get along. I would love to see Rush alien knowledge start to surface (he was captive to those aliens far longer than Chloe).

Wrang – I still think she is a Lucian spy. Unless she is or she is some other kind of undercover her behavior doesn’t make much sense. I don’t like her character much because I can’t understand how she could possibly act the way she does, it only makes her disruptive without making sense, yet.

Young – Is one of my favorite characters on SGU. He is a leader put in a hot spot he never expected, he struggles with personal demons, he fails to deal with his personal life and it all makes him more human, more of a realistic leader than many seen on TV. He makes though choices and sometimes he is wrong but he always tries to do the right thing.

Chloe – I think she has been treated unfair by many fans, the writers have treated this character all kind of clueless which I haven’t enjoyed much. I enjoyed the lost in that spider labyrinth part where she started to show alien knowledge, give more of that.

Eli – Has been under utilized in my opinion. I like the character and I like the way he doesn’t go around pining for Chloe, much. But lets bring forward his mystery solving skills, let him explore the ship. I still cant forget the scene when they recruited him, beamed him up to orbit and his amazement, bring that back if you can.

Scott – I don’t like because I want to see Chloe with Eli and he seems to be some sort of player. Besides that I do like his character, the young buck still deciding on who he wants to be or become.

TJ – She is one of the characters that really bounded with. She can be terrible frustrating to watch at times but it all makes sense and is relevant to the place her character is. She is well written and well played. I for one would like her to have her baby. It would be inconvenient but so is life. I am pretty sure the baby is dead though, look at the blood on her belly.

Greer – I like him but his character is starting to be borderline stereotypical, they played the angry black man card a little to often lately, he must be more than that. The tension between Greer and Wrang is interesting, I just hope they don’t make her forget her sexual orientation. Greer’s talk with Scott was true Master Sergeant, keep the young ones on track.

Kiva – I love her, please, please let her stay for next season. She is feisty and driven by righteous fury that Earth has taken all this knowledge for itself. I have seen her in other roles before and she got a very sublime touch to all her roles and she is one of the hottest women I have seen on TV. I guess we will see more of her second in command next season, but I hope Kiva makes it.

My Conclusions

I started writing these before I saw part 2 so they reflect the whole season too. I am a character person, having characters that I like and can root for is important for me to enjoy watching. But characters aren’t everything there must be a plot that takes us somewhere, that has a beginning, a middle and an end. This season and the finale have both.

The three last episodes have been a frantic ride. New really interesting characters have been added to the mix. This whole season has been really clever, SGU is intelligent Science Fiction just the way I like it. Awesome season finale.

I am not really surprised that SGU ended with a cliffhanger, I am just surprised over the extent of it, and everything is up in the air more or less. At least we don’t have to wait six months for it to return (I hope). Until we meet again watch the promo for season 2.

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