Stargate Universe Returns [TV Review]

Last season ended with cliffhangers for most of the cast as the Lucian alliance attacked the Destiny. I don’t know what to make of the season premiere. We are obviously setting things up for the rest of the season but there is no clear threat or objective but the mysterious nebula TJ first dreams about and then sees ahead from the observation deck as Destiny finish the jump that was interrupted by the pulsar.

They killed off one of my favorite actresses, Rhona Mitra as Commander Kiva! That is just wrong, take it back! Oh, well I expected that but it is still sad.

I sort of expected more action from the season premiere but I have seen this kind of thing on other shows and it is not necessary a bad thing. We did get introduced to some possible plot threads. Did you spot any more plots to be resolved this season?

  • The alien(s) who created that solar system might be dead ahead of the Destiny.
  • Here at the edge of the universe reality is what you believe in and that kind of metaphysical mumbo jumbo TJ ‘dreamt about/experienced’ is hopefully not going to be the central theme because I can tell you right now that is about the only thing that could get me to stop watching SGU, that and if they kill Lt James. I was really scared when she was hit by lightning.
  • Chloe’s miraculous healing is another thread. It has already been spoiled in the season trailer that she is going to turn alien in some way.
  • The whole crew getting along arc is getting additional fuel from the new Lucian members. They have at least two more fractions to add to the pot.
  • The ship’s real mission will soon be revealed
  • Rush knows or will soon know about the bridge, this was spoiled by the season trailer.
  • Young drinking and going to a bad place.
  • It’s a huge ship; explore it for god’s sake!

One thing disturbed me a little and that was Wray’s very emotional outburst in the infirmary. She has never been that emotional, not even a hint, quite the opposite in fact. Hopefully some kind of characterization background will come along or it is just random emotions for effect.

Girl Power! The Lucian scientist girl kills their crazy leader I like her already.

I think I have to go back and re watch the episode. Maybe it is me being cranky and suffering from premiere overload. Leading all the premieres of this fall into such a short period as this is; is just insane. I don’t remember it hitting me this hard last year, but then it was more spread out wasn’t it?

Anyway, I am really happy SGU is back. It is the series that comes closest to my reading interest.

Lastly I have a question, what is up with Young? Check this picture, it is a screen capture  from this episode.

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