Storm from the Shadows by David Weber (Saganami 2)

Storm from the Shadows takes place during the same period as At all costs, Crown of Slaves and Torch of Freedom (probably).

Rear Admiral Michelle Henke is Honor Harrington’s best friend, fifth in the succession to the Throne. At the beginning of Storm from the Shadows her ship sustains crippling damage, and she is taken prisoner. Under the new Havanite regime, prisoners of war are treated well. She even get a visit from the president, who wants her to carry a peace offer to Queen Elizabeth, so she is paroled, delivers her message and are sent to the Talbot cluster.

As you remember from Shadow of Saganami,Manpower and Mesa is kicking up some trouble there for Manticore. Now they are back for round two. It is Michelle in one corner and a Solarian Battle Fleet commander with no love for Manticore in the other. A Mesan Fame Fatale with a nuke is just icing on the cake. War with the Solarian League is just around the corner.


The Mesa Alignment and parts of their agenda unravel in this book. The Alignments decide to put their century old Big Plan into action, Galactic Domination!

It is always a pleasure to read David Weber’s unique mix of military, political and historical action. I don’t think we will see further into the storyline until 2010 with Mission of Honor. Torch of Freedom, expected in November, is about what happens on Torch during this book. At least, that’s my guess.

ps. you can check out snipets from Torch of Freedom on Eric Flints homepage.