Supernatural 2.21 – Two Minutes To Midnight

I just finished watching this weeks episode of Supernatural. The Winchester boys are gearing up for a final romp with the Devil. They got two of the Horsemen’s Rings and now they go after the two remaining. Dean is not happy with Sams plan to say yes to the Devil and then jump in the cage, but Bobby is backing him up.

Castiel was taken by Angles earlier and believed to be dead or at least out of the count, now he is back with no recollection of what happened to him and with his ‘Angelic Battery’ all discharged, so Bobby have to wire him money for airplane fare. I would have liked to see him on that airplane. While he take this more mundane way of transport Dean and Sam goes after Pestilence at a hospital.

Matt Frewer plays a magnificent Pestilence, I love his character in Eureka and this is almost as good. Sam and Dean are detected sneaking in the corridors and Pestilence twist his ring and infect them with deadly viruses. When all seamed lost Castiel storms in and save the day, at least almost. Pestilence’s last words are “You are to late”.

Back at bobby’s hideout they learn that Bobby sold his soul to Crowley. I hope they don’t kill of the King of the Crossroads this season, he is such an enjoyable villain. The scene that also was in the promo with Bobby being asked “Did you kiss him?” No! Then Crawley show them the picture on his cell.

Sam and Dean’s talk was good when they gear up Crawley jumping into the conversation was also good “You guys are lucky you have your looks” when they are a bit clueless. Castiel bitching with Bobby about being useless was also an amusing scene. This is the kind of humor I love with Supernatural.

Remember that future episode, with zombies affected by a disease? The vaccine Pestilence’s henchman was brewing is about to go national in a few days. They have to stop that and get Death’s ring at the same time.

Crawley is a wicked, wicked demon, he gives back Bobby the use of his legs, Bobby is so happy that you can see him considering selling his soul again.

Sam and Bobby goes after the warehouse the vaccine will be shipped from. Good fight there, Sam saves at least ten people and in the end Castiel finds himself useful as he blows the head of a Zombie that is strangling Sam.

Death has a nice theme song as he rides up in his grey Mustang (I think it was a Mustang). Crowley and Dean have to look for him before finding him in a Pizza place. Death is eating Pizza. Would you eat a Pizza offered by death? Dean does. Death wants the devil’s control off. He calls him a bratty child having a tantrum. He gives the ring to Dean on the conditions that Sam is the only one that can stop Lucifer, and Dean has to promise to let him. Dean promises him. Remember you can’t cheat death, Death warns him before teaching him to use the rings.

They now have all the rings. Death told Dean how to operate the rings. Next episode is the season finale “Swan Song” airs May 13.