Supernatural 5.11 Sam interupted

Nice that the Winchester boys are back. In this  episode they go totally mental. Sam will have to face those inner demons of his before it is over.

Sam and Dean enter a mental hospital as patients after a series of suicides. The other patients complain about monsters that come and take them. And the Doctor in charge tell them “There is no such things as monsters”.

It is Amusing when Sam And Dean tell the psychiatrist about causing the Apocalypse and hunting demons. It’s  not as funny as the rectal exam they get from the nurse as part of their entry exam.

They visit a fellow inmate/hunter in the loonie bin Ted. He was the one that called them.

They soon discover that it is a Wraith they are after. But then things start to go down hill. Is it the Doctor or the clingy patient or the hot doctor in Deans head. Both Dean and Sam become affected by a mental illness with hallucinations and rage attacks. Something is fucking with their minds.

Good episode,  I am  glad they are back, and that they are back together.