Supernatural Swan Song – Season Finale

This is the final episode of the final season of Supernatural.

To stop the Apocalypse, Dean and Sam have no choice but to make decisions that will change their lives forever… and cost them everything they hold dear.


This was originally planned as a series finale so it is with great anticipation I start to watch Swan Song. We have been told that a beloved character will die. My guess would be Bobby. They might also kill one or both of the brothers, but that is not new. Start the episode.


They have very much done the worldbuilding by now. I didn’t know Prophets could pop as Chuck does in the ending scene. Maybe Chuck is God? God!


Chuck the prophet write about the Impala, the most important object in the universe.

The Winchester boys hunt down the Devil in Seattle as he foretold, Sam offers to be his meatsuite for the date with Michael, the Devil accepts and don his new looks. That’s when Dean opens the trap with the rings of the Four Car Men. Unfortunately the Devil keeps meatsuit Sam on a short leash and cancels the trap, takes the rings and leave.

Bobby and Castiel seems to give up but Sam takes the Impala and goes hunting for the final battle ground, ehr, he calls Chuck and asks him where it will be. Chuck tells Dean the final battle will be where it all started in Stoll’s Cemetery.

So Dean takes his beloved car that I by now think will be destroyed to the Cemetary. Entering trough the rusty gates as Lucifer and Michael/Adam meatsuit is about to start the Apocalypso Dance. Dean has never looked so good.

Castiel and Bobby blink in and throw a can of blood on Michael banning him for a little while to give Dean the time to convince Sam to stop the Devil.

The Devil goes bonkers. No one treats my brother like that! He says and kills Castiel and Bobby with just a hand twist. He then continues to brain Dean to the car, striking him time after time.

That’s when Sam sees the toy soldier he left in the Impala when he was a kid, he sees thing after thing that reminds him of family and how much Dean means to him. He takes control and opens the trap and starts to back into it when Michael returns and try to stop them. Sam drags Michael down with him into Hell.

That’s when Castiel returns invigorated and a full Angel again. He heals Dean and resurrects Bobby. He is in charge in heaven now. God is still gone. Things are back to normal. Dean is angry. Castiel asks him “What would you rather have Peace or Freedom?” Dean says “tell God I will be coming for him next”.

Dean made a promise to Sam to look up Lisa and have a family life so that is what he does. Bobby goes back to being a hunter.

It all ends with Sam standing outside their window watching Dean and his family. Is it sadness or wrath we see in his face?


Watching Castiel lie or call someone a name is always amusing. It is a pity he is an angel again in some ways. The human Castiel gave so many entertaining scenes. I guess we have to wait and see if he comes back in season six.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles nailed their roles this episode. Sam’s anger mixed with duty and feelings for his family; and Dean with his iron determination not to give up.

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer/Nick also did a fantastic job. When he told Sam and Dean that he knew all about the rings was a beautiful finale on his Supernatural gig. Wonder if he will be back?

Rob Benedict as Chuck the Prophet kept the narration flowing and got in some good lines about writing for the fans and it’s hard to write a good ending that I felt came directly from the writers to us fans.

The best characterization was the Impala; I never knew it could act so well, it all seemed so natural.

My View

It is a pleasure to see someone that knows his craft do an ending like this. Swan Song is not the last episode of Supernatural but it is one of the best. Well done and we can’t wait on season six. So, so get back to work now and write like you do, because we love it.