Switch and watching

I got an opportunity to watch ITV2’s new show Switches today. It is about four young witches living their lives in Camden wrestling with everyday life with a hex twist. I liked the show, the characters was likable and quirky, the twists too. It is lighter than the normal supernatural fare from the UK (Being Human, Demons and such) more in the spirit of Doctor Who. It obviously aims more towards younger female viewers than me but I don’t mind. I would love to hear what you thought about it?

Here is the pitch from ITV:

Switch, the brand new ITV2 drama which follows four young girls as they try to make their way in London. One small difference… these girls just happen to be witches and in order for their magic to work all four girls must be together.

Stella (Lacey Turner) is the careerist. Always immaculately dressed and with a rotten boss, Janet, who takes great pleasure in telling terrified Stella she’s useless at her job and should find another profession.

Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) is the fashionista of the bunch, stylish, sexy and clothes conscious she works in a fashion store and certainly has an eye for the boys!  Free-spirited and cool Gerry, a guitarist in an indie band, is one of her conquests.

Newest to London and struggling to cope with the Big City is Grace (Phoebe Fox). She has a traditional attitude to witchcraft, a strong moral sense and tends to pull the girls back from the brink when they are teetering on the edge of disaster.

Hannah (Hannah Tointon) is the traveller of the pack, who arrives from India at the beginning of the drama. Although devoted to the girls wherever she is in the world, Hannah is restless and a commitment–phobe. She’s also the most spontaneous of the quartet.

I recommend taking a look.