Syfy renews Stargate Universe & Sanctuary

Syfy have renewed Stargate Universe (SGU) for a second season. The show is currently in hiatus until March 2010. “There is a big story point coming up that does introduce an alien race,” executive producer Robert Cooper told the Hollywood Reporter. 

I hope they make the crew on Destiny more of a team and they stop whining and portraying them so unlikable as they have done. I like the show and want to see more of it but they make it too hard to like the characters in it, at least explain more of their background  and show me why they are being so unlikable.

SGUs’ second season will air autum 2010.

Syfy also renewed Sanctury for a third season which I am happy about. Amanda Tapping and the rest of the cast will be back, next summer?

Source: SCIFI Wire