Ove’s Best TV of 2009

2009 have been a year of ups and downs when it comes to TV. These have been my favorite TV past times this year. When it comes to TV I am more of an omnivore than with books.

  1. True Blood
    Southern Vampires on the screen with extra spices added to make it the best tv show of the year. It is steamy, it is intense and oh so captivating. Twelve episodes is just too short, give us more Sookie!
  2. Castle
    Castle is the best new TV serie of 2009. Nathan Fillion could play anything this year and still succed. Richard Castle the Crime writer fits him perfectly. The beautiful Stana Katic plays detective Kate Becket the inspiration for Richard newest hero Nicky Heat. Nice action, good pace, snappy dialogue, wonderful actors and more. Currently airing its second season and renewed for a third.
  3. Fringe
    Season two focuses on the alternative universe threat. FBI agent Olvia Dunham and Peter Bishop continues their caretake of Peters enstranged father Dr Walter Bishop.  A fantastic season.
  4. Stargate Universe
    The starship Destiny was launched by the Ancient to visit new galaxies. The research facility where the 9th cheveron’s secret is being studied is attacked and the people there have to flee using the stargate. They end up on Destiny, billions of light years from home with no way back. They are not made for this, they didn’t sign up for this. So far it has been an interesting tale about survival. The series is Currently in hiatus. Renewed for a second season by Syfy
  5. Being Human
    Werewolves are despised by Vampires. But Mitchell, a vampire and George Sands, a werewolf become friends and decide to mainstream their lives being human. So they rent a house and move in. Unknown to them the house is already inhabited by Annie – a ghost. Second season will air in January 2010.
  6. Eureka
    Sheriff Carter and the goofy, charmingly inventive town of Eureka makes me happy to watch. This season begins with a robot replacement for Carter, which doesn’t work out. The outer-space-invaders arc with the mind-controlled towns people was a delight. Pity Zoe left for college in the last episode, hope she’ll be back for summer.
  7. Supernatural
    It is the end of the world, the Apocalypse is upon us, and Paris Hilton gets her head chopped off, and Sam and Dean are back together, and Lucifer is in comparison a nice guy. They planed Supernatural for an arc of five season, this is the fifth season – is it the end of the show? I hope not! It is better than ever!
  8. Royal Pains
    When Hank is blacklisted for saving a little boy’s life instead of an important trustee and his fiancee leaves him, his unreliable little brother decides a trip to the Hamptons might be the right medicine. Hank quickly makes himself a name as a go to doctor, and the grapevine for the rich and famous there is lightning, and they all call Hank now when ill. A beautiful local MD catches his intrest so he let his brother convince him to stay. Royal Pains is a really likable feel-good series. 
  9. White Collar
    Fresh new series about a conman Neal Caffrey blackmailed into working with the FBI. His handler is FBI Agent Peter Burke. That they brought in Wendy (Natalie Morales II)  from the Middleman was just icing on the cake. It Has just been renewed for a second season.
  10. Warehouse 13
    Great fantasy series with the most exquisite steampunky gadgets ever. Beautiful and talented cast especially the addition of Claudia.

Special mention to SyFy channels Alice. I should also mention that I save V for when the hiatus is over. Dollhouse did catch my interest at the end but it didn’t make the list, sorry Joss. We had a few good comedy shows this year worth mentioning, Better off Ted, Cougar Town, The Big Bang Theory.

Other good shows not on the list this year: House, Legend of the Seeker, Merlin, Lie to Me, Sons of Anarchy, Trauma.