Being Human 2.04

Good episode this week. George is a bit stressed out with life now with Nina gone and all. So he makes a list, get a cage – check, get tranquilizers to fell a horse – check, get a real job – check, and suppress the wolf – check. So he gets lycantropic Torrels and meets a new girlfriend both not on the list.

Mitchel is the new king and he has some success in double standards as he starts the vampire AA.

They don’t know the threat they are under. Nina is in the clutches of the mysterious professor Kent and Mitch latest female interest Professor Lucy Janet. We learn more about their backstory.

Annie is ambushed by another dead spirit trying to drag her into the light. But she is saved at the last minute by a world war 2 sergeant. His name is Sikes. Anne tries to make him teach her how to defend against the powers that tries to take her away.

One funny moment is when the black smith thinks George wants a sex cage and throws in a pair of handcuffs for  free.

Mitchel is trying to patch things up with Dr Lucy, as he knows her, and I think she starts to soften to him even in her secret identity.

In many ways this is the calm before the storm, pressure is  building to its ultimately climax in two more episodes. God I love this series, watch it now.