Fringe 2.22 – Over There Part 1

The alternative universe we plunge into has the same characters but with different roles. Here they are in some kind of rapid deployment force for dimensional rifts. They operate out of a place quite like Stargate Command or Threshold’s HQ. I must say Olivia looks good in red hair. They work on that universe’s Fringe Division. But they don’t know about the other universe until Olivia and her team crosses over and they find a 20 dollar bill on a corpse that didn’t make it across and Walternet tells them the truth about the other side.

Olivia and Walter travel to the other side with the help of her fellow Jacksonville kids. To somehow return with Peter before he explodes like a bomb. Before they cross the kids get a night on the town where I get a Heroes wibe with their superpowers. Olivia takes farewell of her nice and sister before leaving. Walter Prime continues to convince. He is quite convincing as he lead them to the other side.

They cross over about the same time Peter wakes up on the other side, he doesn’t know he is a bomb that can destroy the universe, and at least he gets to see his mother.

One thing I wonder over is the other side why do they have rationing? They seem so much more technologically advanced than us.

Walternet wants Peter to help him with building a bomb to destroy our universe/planet, that is my guess. What Peter doesn’t know is that he will fuel the bomb and it is finished ready to go.

Olivia’s team set up a meeting with Bell but they are betrayed. Walter and Olivia escapes. Olivia follows alt-Olivia to her apartment and while she stands there Bell shows up, telling her Walter is in trouble.
Interesting times, I can’t wait to this week’s season finale.