The Walking Dead (AMC) – Returning Season 2 This Fall

The Walking Dead (AMC) – returning season 2

Premiere: Friday, October 16   Order: 13 episodes

This was one of the great new shows last year. Now it is back with more than the double number of episodes and zombies. Season 2 picks up about five seconds in an overlap with the first season’s finale according to what we learned at Comic Con. The group has just left the CDC.

Rick, Lori and the other survivors leave Atlanta for a more rural setting in season 2. Things are going to get though as they start to run out of food, ammunition and other resources. The group is threatened by inner strife.

For fans of the graphic novels I can reveal that Michonne wont be appearing until season 3, but she is officially in the series, which is good news. Hershel’s farm will most likely be in this season and maybe we will see the Prison and the Governor too.

Excited? Pity it is not October yet.