Alien View of Our Solar System

I love the results we are starting to get from Exo planet searches. There are planets out there, so far larger than anything we have in our solar system but getting closer all the time.

Now astronomers at NASA Goddard have created a simulation of how our solar system  with video of how our own system might look to alien astronomers looking for planets much like we do.

They show that at least one planet in our solar system shows up by it’s effect on the Kuiper Belt (a belt of dust and small bodies including Pluto beyond Neptune).

Another result of the simulation is that the researchers can take the forming of the belt back in time to see how it looked like when it was only a a few millions of years old. Patterns we already have on records for younger stars appear which I assume tells us something about how planets form and might get us a better model to predict where we can find smaller planets?

Source: Physics Buzz