Being Human 2.05 Slow but Groovy

This was a slow but groovy episode of Being Human and everyone needs love. We flash back and forth between the 60s and now, between Mitchel’s first try at abstinence and now, between the love that he needed then and the one he needs now.  You have to love Mitch hairstyle!

Mitchell is getting closer to Lucy and she, in turn, is struggling to contain her feelings for Mitchell, as the drama following the lives of three housemates who happen to be a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire continues.

Mitchell has only really fallen in love once before and, in a flashback to the Sixties, viewers learn how his relationship with Josie saved him from the excesses of vampiredom. Back in the present with Lucy, it’s clear he’s struggling to reconcile the difference between human love and vampire lust.

Meanwhile, George’s relationship with Sam and her daughter, Molly, is going well and George wonders if there might be a chance to make the most of this normal human relationship – could he become Molly’s step-father?

Annie experiences parental feelings of her own when she’s asked to babysit an unusual child…

This episode was a bit slow, lots of dialog that develops the characters, but also a bit dull compared to the earlier action packed episodes of season two.

It started out strong with Mitch waking up covered in blood and with a magnificent hair, looking lost. But then is slowed down. There was some actions spots with the Police but otherwise intrigue, love and intrigue.

Annie got to show her awesome babysitting skills as a ghost mother drops off her baby for two hours. George really takes to the kid, he goes off in dreams of normality a family with Sam and her daughter Molly, that seems slightly unbelievable since last episode he barely could keep the wolf inside him. George where is your contact with reality? (Ha). Anyway Annie trying to babysit was very entertaining.

The sinister professor and Lucy will start to make more sense here. Mitch have a date with Lucy a quiet dinner at her place planed, but she have plans he don’t know about.

They all want love…

All in all a decent info dump of an episode but far from the best they have done.

There are eight episodes in the second season which leave us with three to go.