A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber [Cover Art & Blurb]

A New YA Series by David Weber!

David Weber is one of the most productive authors I know, which is fortunately since I really love his military science fiction. We have to wait until December or 2012 for the next mainstream Honor Harrington novel A Rising Thunder part 1 (It has been divided into two parts) but In Fire Forged, the fifth Worlds of Honor short story collection came out in February and it might help to tide you over (only three stories there) and if that is not enough there is a new YA series A Beautiful Friendship based on the short story by the same name coming in October. It centers on Stephanie Harrington, Honor’s ancestor that was the first human to be adopted by a treecat, the telepathic felines of Honor’s home planet.  That is not all, the next  Safehold novel, the fifth, will be out in September this year. It is named How Firm a Foundation.

As I understand it David is penning the first novel in this new series and Jane Lindskold will write the sequels.


I like this new cover, a young girl with a big knife and a treecat crouching on a branch about to launch. They both looks pretty grim. The original short story is one of my favorites so this is a book I look forward to this year even if I am not quite in the target group.

A Beautiful Friendship (Honorverse YA)

by David Weber (Baen October 2011)

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Stephanie Harrington absolutely hates being confined inside her family’s compound on the pioneer planet of Sphinx, a frontier wilderness world populated by dangerous native animals that could easily tear a human to bits and pieces. Yet Stephanie is a young woman determined to make discoveries—and the biggest discovery of all awaits her: an intelligent alien species.

Treecats are creatures that resemble a cross between a bobcat and a lemur (but with six legs and much more deadly claws). Not only are they fully sentient, they are also telepathic, and able to bond with certain gifted humans such as the genetically-enhanced Stephanie. But Stephanie’s find, and her first-of-its-kind bond with a treecat, brings on a new torrent of danger. An assortment of highly-placed enemies with galactic-sized wealth at stake is determined to make sure that the planet of Sphinx remains entirely in human hands—even if this means the extermination of another thinking species. Stephanie and Lionheart are about to undergo the greatest test two alien species can ever face together: how to survive first contact and win a future with liberty and justice for all!

The first entry in a new teen series and the origin saga for the incredibly-popular, multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling Honor Harrington adult science fiction adventures. Young Stephanie Harrington is none other than the founder of a pioneering family dynasty that is destined to lead the fight for humanity’s freedom in a dangerous galaxy.