Caprica Series Premiere (New TV Show)

Caprica is a worthy prequel to BSG. It pounders hard moral, religious and philosophical questions about being human.

One thing i have a problem with in prequels and in stories that start with the ending scene. You know what’s going to happen. To some extent I must admit I do have a problem with Caprica in that regard. It’s not open ended, BSG happens some 58 years in the future. But I am willing to wait and see what they make with it

The two hour pilot was interesting to watch in it self, I don’t think new viewers will have trouble with the story. Watching BSG before will add new dimensions to it though.

Set 58 years prior to the events of Battlestar Galactica (2003), this prequel will explore the lives of two families: the Graystones – include father Daniel, a computer genius, mother Amanda, a brilliant surgeon and their daughter, Zoe – and the Adamas. The two families are on opposing sides of the decision to create the Cylons: intelligent robots that will one day rebel and nearly annihilate the residents of Caprica.

The pilot describe the death of Daniel Greystones daughter Zoe and Joseph Adamas wife and daughter in a fundamentalist terrorist attack. Their grief bring Joseph and Daniel together. Zoe was quite a talented young woman, she created a secret digital copy of herself on the holoband, downloading her feelings directly into it, even as she died in that explosion (resurrection ships anyone?). Her father Daniel become obsessed with the copy and how it was created from all the information available on the net about Zoe. He offers the same to Joseph, but Joseph is chocked when he meets the copy of his daughter on the holoband, she is suffering, she knows something is wrong, something is missing but she can’t say what. He calls it an abomination and leave with his son William (Adama).

The bombing was made by religious fanatics from the cult of the one true god. The rest of Caprica believe in the Greek gods. One of Zoe’s friends was the bomber, but he acted prematurely from what we learn about the cult (planing something big in the future?).

Daniel Greystone is a successful businessman and inventor. His company is involved in an R&D project to create robot warriors for Caprica’s army. Anyone sees the writing on the wall when he uses Zoe’s mind  as a template for the first Cylon warrior? They put a screwed up religious teenager into the Cylon, quell surprise they revolted down the road.

Trivia the 13th Cylon in BSG was named Daniel and their creator is named Daniel? coincidence?

Joseph Adama is a shady lawyer born of a oppressed ethnic group. The Caprica society doesn’t seems like a very nice one. It has militarization, religious discrimination, corruption, terrorism, racism, decadence and greed in abundance from what we learn in the pilot.

Caprica has a clean futuristic environment, the scenes are all set in well made believable settings, nothing like the bad CGI from Spartacus.

Once again, where are the characters you can love? None of the main characters is good or have a strength of character that makes it easy to love and admire them, but I guess that’s the mark of our time.

The whole setup reflects on the religious strife in our world, here its the believers in the one good that feel oppressed and use terrorism.

The pilots build up the motivation for the main characters and paint an interesting canvas. Caprica  starts out better than expected and I will  continue to watch it  for now. But there is a risk this turns out a soap with Cyclons.