Vixen By Bud Sparhawk

Bud Sparhawk (@Wikipedia, Homepage) is best known for the strong science base in his works.

His new novel Vixen takes place in a far future where humanity expands from planet to planet in slower than light vehicles. After some kind of religious revelations a faschistoid society has evolved with 3 kind of humans. Men are the real humans that will eventually develop in to some kind of gods (acording to the religion). Men are dark haired and have brown eyes. Halflings and Mongrels are lower kind of humans only allowed to live to serve Men.

There are 4 main characters in this story. Tam Polat is the Hadir, the mission leader. Larisha is leader of the halflings and Tam’s estranged wife. Dalgrun Wolfat, Palm of the Hand of God is their religious leader.Win the intelligent mongrel is the fourth. They all have their issues. Tam was brought up embracing their society in a segregated living with only Men. He has zero empathy with “the lesser races”. Larisha grew up on a farm as a lone girl working close with all their halflings and mongrels. Dalgrun is a power hungry bitch. Win is the most likable of the characters.

The spaceship Covenant closes on the Thetti star system after 200 years of travel and the crew defrosts to find that their objective the planet Meridian lost a moon. Tam is the first to wake up and he sees a crystalline starship before any of the others wake up.

This book raises some questions about being human.