State of Books

This is my semi-regular series on the state of books in the making.

I wonder which book John Scalzi is referring to in todays post? Do you know anything about it? John is one of my favorite authors.

New novel?
Like, just this second.
When will you get to read it?
Sometime in 2012, I would guess.
So now you have a reason to live. Through 2012, anyway.
What’s it about?
Fate. And destiny. And free will.
And lasers! And explosions! And space ships!
Man, it’s got everything.
Just you wait.

We can also notice that Chris Wooding is still writing on this years Tales of the Ketty Jay novel The Iron Jackal scheduled for August. That will not leave much time for editing and publishing. We have also seen a rough draft of the cover art

But he is not the only one with a short time between finishing the first draft and release. David Weber’s fifth Safehold novel How Firm A Foundation will be released in September and he just turned it in. Tor usually takes a year.