Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn (Sidhe 1)

Excellent first Novel by Jaine Fenn. This is someone to watch for the future. It is not often one meets a new favorite, I belive I have found one here.

Tell you more later, now i have to start on Consorts of Heaven, her second book…

Now is later:

Khesh City is one of the floating cities, it is a democracy by assassination where enhanced human assassins called Angels carries out the will of the people. It has been a stable society since the Sidhe where defeated and humanity became free.

Taro is a young boy, who leaves the Undertow to look for a better life Topside after his Angel foster mother is killed. Now the murderer is after him at the same time as he picks up work from the leader of the city.

Elarn arrive on an involuntary mission to find and kill a renegade Sidhe. She is sent by the Sidhe, who everyone believe is extinct.

Maila is the Angel appointed for the next assassination and the target for Taro’s mission from the leader.

It’s exciting, realistic and surprising and I love her second book as well.