True Blood Season 2 Finale and speculations

Episode 12 already, its too short, dam it! True Blood season 2 ends in a finale as awesome as the rest of the season has been. I cant wait.

The peoples rationalisation after the fact, was so good. Did you notice he called Andy Bubba? Think he will take Elvis role from the books?

I didn’t know Sam was looking for his real parents, but obviously he does, and he gets their names and an address from the foster parents that abandoned him.

Bill is kidnapped in the end, after proposing to Sookie and she is about to say yes. In my mind it doesn’t feel like the Club Dead kidnapping, reason wise. Here Eric is the most likely culprit, but in the book it was Bills research on vampires that did it. My guess is still that Bills maker got him. If it was Eric the whole story line with Club Dead becomes awkward. They might play up the storyline with the werepanthers though, like they did with Maryanne.

True Blood season 3 will more than likely have one or more twists in it that you won’t find in the books. Wonder what they’ll do? Jessicas ‘dating’ spree will obviously be an issue. Sam finding his parents will be another, maybe that will weave into the werepanther story? With Eric’s popularity so high I suspect he will be more of a companion for Sookie than Alcide the werewolf was in Club Dead.

What do you think?

Edit. I see an affair between Eric and Lafayette …