Outcasts make a living on New Planet in new BBC Series [TV Review]

Outcast is a new TV series from the BBC and BBC America and the one I have had most hope for this season and this is my first take on it.

It is about how outcasts and refugees from a devastated Earth make a new home for themselves on Carpatia. We start with shat might be the last ship from earth approaching the planet. The captain complains of technical difficulties and what we understand from ground control there have been fatalities with previous ships seems like a bit of a rush job there getting off earth.

Then we get introduced to the characters and the colonists’ base Forthhaven built around a huge landed colony ship. There is great scenery, kids and people moving around. We are also introduced to this episodes main character Mitchell as he walks into town.

Michel is something of a leader among the military personnel but he also has his own agenda to take his family and move outside the safety of the town. Problem is he is not exactly stable as we soon are to discover. Without revealing to much of what happens later it has a bit of frontier police force action combined with the thrill of the newly arrivals and if they are going to be able to land safely.

The cast looks promising and I am happy with the chemistry and the bits and pieces of humor that it shows here. There is Richard Tate the elected president that has had to take some real though decisions already. The peace and security officers are quite interesting especially the guy that walks around with a piglet.

We don’t learn so much about the planet this first episode beside that is has peculiar geological hazzards.

Great start of a new series I am really looking forward to the next episode.

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