The Hot Gate (Troy Rising 3) by John Ringo [Book Review]

Hot Military Science Fiction

A new John Ringo book is something I enjoy and look forward to. The story flows smoothly with catchy edgy characters and a bit of bickering dialogue. It reminds me of times when life was easier at the same time it woos me with shiny science fiction paraphernalia.

The Hot Gate is the third novel in the Troy Rising series. The feisty female pilot Comet is the main point of view character once again even if Tyler Vernon comes in as close second. We also get inside the heads of some of the alien commanders which I like. Earth is under siege and huge battle stations guard the wormgate. Attack after attack has been beaten off but the aliens are getting smarter. If that was not enough wait until you see what meets Comets when she transferes to a new squadron. There are interesting cultural clashes with southern American male culture as well as some bigoted warriors that see any woman without cover as a whore. Unfortunately for them they tell Comet to her face. This all works out the American way but not quite. The not quite is an important difference. Overall John is rather mellowed in his political undertones compared to many others in the military science fiction bracket.

I like the main character to be in trouble and overcome problems. That is exactly what John Ringo does. The main arc is her new leadership challenge but Comet also has time for an interesting relationship development and some girl talk with a loopy AI before the Hot Gate. This wouldn’t be complete without a great space battle and what a space battle it is. It is a fiery forge that test the mettle of humanity’s newest battle station. You will get your fill of lingo, trash talk and weapon discharges.

Troy Rising is supposed to be on the pulp and humor side of the genre I love built as it is on Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary’s Universe (please check it out)  a couple of thousand years before the comic. It’s all done with consent, but the author calls it a rip-off. The cartoons are quite funny and they portray aliens and humans quite alike with the same kind of motivations and life, for good and bad. But it works for me, both there and here.

The Hot Gate is clever characters bickering and bashing aliens like in the good old days. What’s not to love? I wonder when the new one will be out?

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The Hot Gate (Troy Rising 3) by John Ringo – Baen (2011) – Amazon USUK

he fight to free the Earth from alien domination began in Live Free or Die, and continued in Citadel. Now Tyler Vernon, and his troops aboard the gigantic battle station Troy, face a desperate battle with the forces of galactic tyranny. And the very survival of the Earth and its people is not all that is at stake. The galaxy itself must choose to live free or die-and if the tyrants win this battle, darkness will fall across the galaxy for millennia to come.