Colonel by Rick Shelley (Dirigent 6)

This is the final Lon Nolan book. It starts just after Christmas. Lon  & Sara have a family Nolan, Lon Junior has enrolled and are now Lieutenant, their daughter Angie is 16. And Lon is in charge of a regiment, the second in line for work.

The next contract is with Elysium the University world. Chancellor Alberto Esteban Berlino arrive on dirigent to hire two regiments and all the regimental support.

The Union and the Commonwealth are the superpowers of this time and Elysium have become the target of the Union. There have been raids by forces unknown and the union have been offering to help. When the chancellor left a major invasion had started.

Lon’s regiment is included in the contract with him as second in command.

Mercenaries from New Sparta have invaded Elysium. The Dirigents have to fight their way down to the planet and have some unforeseen events. The Colonel in charge of the operation gets shelled by enemy artillery and are out for the duration. So Lon inherits the command.

The Dirigents lost at least five companies in the LZ, around 600 men. The New Spartan surprise with having at least 50% larger force on the ground and their artillery continues to damage the Dirigents.

Lon is no super hero as a leader. He makes mistakes and he hesitates and he ponder his actions but in the end he and the Dirigents prevail.

Good reading, not awesome but definitely worth reading if you got the time.