Down to the Bone (Quantum Gravity 5) by Justina Robson [Book Review]

The Walking Dead meets Lila Black

The Quantum Gravity worlds are close to disaster, the dead walks again and the veil between the worlds are so thin that you may pass on by mistake. Lila and her bike are back and so are her husbands, the demon Teazle has turned into the Angel of Dead and the Elven Zal is not quite the same after returning from the Sisters either.

Lila Black is a feisty heroine half machine and half human but all attitude that makes these books so enjoyable to read. This is the final book in the Quantum Gravity series so you expect a lot of answers and Down to the Bone delivers. I certainly enjoyed that we got down to so much of the lore and unveiled the real play while keeping a pretty fast pace. We also get to see the story from the point of view of Zal and Teazle beside Lila a bit more than in the previous books.

One thing that attracts me as a reader science fiction to these stories is the coherent science of the universe. There is magic but it follows rules much like science does. The worlds are all different and each world has their own powers and natures all following ‘scientific’ rules.

This was a great read with good pacing that becomes breathtaking towards the end. I warmly recommend this read.


Title: Down to the Bone
Series: Quantum Gravity 5
Author: Justina Robson
Hardback: 344 pages
Publisher: Gollancz (2011)
Copy: Brought myself
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Lila Black faces her greatest challange yet as she takes herself, her dead lover and the AI in her head into death’s realm.

The Quantum Gravity series, set in a world where our reality mixes with other dimensions that are the homes to Faeries, elementals and demons, is unique in modern SF – a series that is willing to incorporate legend, myth and magic while maintaining a rigorous approach to scientific and pyschological reality.

And in Lila Black Justina Robson has created an enduringly strong yet quirkily human and flawed heroine.

Lila Black, half robot, all attitude, returns in her fifth all-action adventure.