Aug 222010

Last Week

It all started with Jo Lupo nude in the shower. In Momstrosity the guys went camping but left Henry home to tell his wife the truth about them being from an alternative timeline. Carter and Grant had a fight about Alison until the attack of the robotic Ant but the poor huge thing was only looking for Emo. Review recap here.

This Week

Zoe is back in town walking with her dad and did I just see her giving Zane the look? She looks grown up, more of a young woman than before. Alison is at the cafe with Grant and the baby when Zoe and Jack walk in. Carter is obviously disturbed and when Jo Lupo joins them the friendly banter about relationships reaches new heights. Zoe and Jo are planning a spa date later, wonder if Zane is going to come up? Zoe tells she met this Funny, Smart and Hot guy. He is a little older is such a giveaway.

Carter finally asks Alison out, but she might have gotten another impression.

Why did it take me four years to do that? (Carter)

Your house is getting more action than either of us (Jo Lupo)

Construction of Jo’s new house has been put to a halt by a guy named Derek who has found fossils on the site. This might be more interesting than I thought. Zoe seems to know this guy; maybe I am wrong about the target of her affection. Carter immediately picks up on it. “Derek?” “He is a genius”. We all follow Jo there in anticipation of her setting him straight, but he is already struck to a Flash-Crete wall, maybe with some help by the contractor pushing him there. It is for moments like this I watch Eureka, that and the funny dialog.

Let’s get Indiana Jones here out of the wall. Do you have a chisel? (Carter)

Jo-Jo seems more upset with the state of her unbuilt house, the one with the Dojo and the fire range in the basement. She is such a special lady our Jo-Jo. Is this the day of the love triangles? Zoe jumps on Derek’s new find. “I would love to see it”. Lupo is interrupted by a 911 from Fargo and has to leave. Someone has been snooping around Trevor Grant’s false file. Fargo seems close to panic.

We violated time travel protocols. They are going to lock us up as lab rats. Forever. (Fargo)

They decide they need to hack the system to find out its source. “But that would be like trying to hack the Matrix”, says Fargo. “We need ‘the One’, Jo replies and leaves. Meanwhile back home Zoe is planning an outing with Derek after Jo canceled their spa date.

Do you really want to hang with Mr ‘I found a pinky’? (Carter)

But Zoe forgot her bag at the dig site and Jack drives her there and they find Derek turned to stone. That is the mystery of  the week. Carter’s date with Alison doesn’t turn out the way he expected. Zoe goes back to the dig to finish with the find, because that’s what he would have wanted. As I suspected Alison didn’t expect a real date with Carter, but then they find heartbeat from the statue.

Henry is having a date with Grace but it turns out it is the same date his alt had with her. He needs to come up with something original.

All of a sudden a crazy selling spa lady appears in GD and my first thought is, is she behind the flash-crete? The dissolvent doesn’t work on Derek; instead the stone casing is getting stronger. Alison decides to have a go with a laser cutter but discovers the skin IS concrete.

The One is Zane of course. He is his usual obnoxious self. He even has the audacity to challenge them to a bit of blackmail before he helps them. Fargo pays up but Jo-Jo is appalled.

Carter ends up in a warehouse where he finds a few more living statues. Doctor Zimer (the contractor) has also been turned into stone in the jail. Back at GD creepy spa lady is there, she must have caused this somehow. Carter goes after Derek instead. But he might be right and I wrong. He finds a dead rat in Derek’s lab and accidentally drops it into a vat and it turns to stone in seconds. Zoe is disappointed. The fossil in found in Lupo’s ground was falsified. Wonder why he did that? Guess what? Jack feels sorry for Zoe and pays for a spa treatment for her.

Alison and Carter finally have a little talk about the kiss and she has a point there, she behaved like nothing happened. Alison need the compound causing the petrification and Carter goes looking. He meets Henry at the dig site with Carter. He asks Carter for dating advice! “You should ask the one you are most unlikely to ask about dating advice”. Awkward silent, “I am”.

Grace and Zoe is at the spa together and they talk about guys. Grace gets one or two inputs about Henry and it is quite obvious now that Zoe is talking about Zane.

Zane hacks the master system and discovers the IRS are the ones doing the checking. Because Larry filed  dependents on his registration form instead of one.  Later Larry delivers a care package to Grant and behaves in a rather peculiar way. Is he trying to start a bromance? The package contains a bottle of wine Grants favorite wine dated 1947 and a note asking for a meeting.

After a steam bath at the spa Zoe returns, chat up Zane but are interrupted by Carter only to discover that her hand has turned to stone. Alison succeeds in slowing the process.

Meanwhile Zane goes to Jo with suspicions about Grants. He is convinced Grant’s file is a fake. Joe brushes him off. I am sure that is a bad move, he doesn’t look like a guy that would give up.

Carter finally figures out Zoe were okay when Alison checked her before so she must have come into contact with the agent afterwards at the Spa. Said and done, they steam bath them with the antigen and saves all the afflicted, Derek included.

We are not garden stationeries any more (Zoe)

Zane visits Zoe and Jo Lupo walks in. I think I am going to be sick. Poor Lupo.

Her new guy is my old guy? (Lupo)

Henry surprises Grace with a disco session at GD’s reception with Fargo as the DJ. That was more than a little weird but a happy moment.

In a quiet part of GD Carter asks Alison about the date thing and they talk, and it looks like they are breaking up before it even started but then Carter turns back and finally, after four years Alison and Jack kisses and then some. I am happy for them but don’t expect it to be smooth traveling from now on. Check out next week’s episode, it is about ex partners.

Trevor meets with the mystery contact from IRS and it is Beverly Barlow the daughter of one of his old coworkers.

We have been waiting a very long time for you (Beverly)

Whoa, what is going on here?

Another enjoyable episode of summer entertainment.

Next Week

Eureka 4.08 – The Ex-files (Syfy)

People from their pasts haunt Carter and the gang while unknown forces attack Eureka.

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Aug 182010

Happy news this morning. With still a few episodes to run on this fourth game changing season Syfy renews Eureka for a fifth season. I understand them perfectly. The current season has had great numbers (for Syfy) and the new time-changing storyline has revitalized the show.


Don’t forget this weeks episode on Friday

Eureka 4.07 – Stoned (Syfy)
Tensions between Carter and Grant over Allison peak, Henry woos his own wife and Zoe deals with a secret love as something begins turning townsfolk into stone.

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Aug 142010

Last Week

We had the crossover with Warehouse 13. Fargo and Claudiawere all alone in a minefield. They look cute together but isn’t she a bit out of his league?

This Week

This week we start with Carter, Kevin, Fargo and Grant driving away from something. They look scared and relived. “Think we lose her?” That’s when what looks like Tiny, Tess’ laser canon wielding robot jumps out and scare the shit out of them. They maneuver past and are about to escape when it cut down a tree that falls blocks the road. Beyond you can see some kind of road block so they leave the car and run for it.

Then we switch to 12 hours earlier with a. Starting with action is a good way to catch viewers I guess but I personally are not so fond of this technique, I hate to know what is going to happen. Usually this means that the story up to what is going to happen isn’t as suspenseful and interesting so it needs a boost. Anyway we continue with the prehistory back at Casa Carter and S.A.R.A.H. (There has not been much S.A.R.A.H. this season that is a pity)

I don’t mind a nude Jo Lupo in the shower but I was sort of expecting Carter with some witty-ism. Instead we get a stalker scene. Someone is spying on Lupo, and it gets closer and closer. The sound of the doors open makes Jo turn around. Nobody’s there. She looks down. There is Wall-E’s little buddy. She picks it up and storms out with a bathrobe on. Carter!

I just found this perverted little toaster spying on me in the shower.

What’s this? It is Kevin’s homework assignment, the Emo is Eureka’s version of carrying an egg around showing you know how to be a parent. Jo is indignant, it got video of me taking a shower, get rid of it. I find I have to go back and view the shower scene again, in case I missed something. I still think Jo and Carter would be a wonderful couple.

Carter leaves with the Emo for a talk with Alison. He meets Robot assistant Andy on his way out. He got a call from there, Carter sends him to Jo and she is just upset with robots and leave to dress. Andy is confused so S.A.R.A.H. offers to link him to the GD mainframe for a diagnostics. He is behaving a bit weird, like he is feeling her up or so. Is this Emo thing affecting all the robots in Eureka?

Carter suggests he should talk to Kevin about this and invite him on the camping trip he, Henry and Fargo have been planning. Alison agrees. While they talk the Emo disappears again. It wanders around GD looking charming. That looks like an interesting lab. Henry decides he need to help Grace with her project, can’t they take Grant instead? Emo meets giant ant robot …

Henry tells Grace the truth and she doesn’t take it well. When Henry tries to follow her he is electrocuted by the headset to treat Alzheimer they have been working on. When he comes around Jo and Grace are there. Jo got a call about a security breach so he leaves them to figure it out. Grace doesn’t want his help. Poor Henry.

They were about to ship Tiny off to NASA when they discovered a stowaway in one of his internal compartments. You got to be kidding me. It is Emo. Poor Lupo.

Seems they saved Emo just in time so he could go with Kevin on the camping trip. At the last minute Grant shows up to tag along. Andy is there to show Carter off but he seems lost in seventh heaven or so.

Off to the great outdoors. Seems Fargo might have a slightly different view of what to bring when he demonstrates the latest GD camping technology. A small cube deflates into a computerized tent called ‘Buffy’. Way to go Fargo! It even has a flatscreen and videogames. Kevin this is not camping. Carter makes them stow away all their remotes and high tech gadgets. You are going to thank me, we are going to camp the way camping is supposed to be camped.

After ten seconds Kevin starts to be bored and Carter starts to ask him about the stunt he was pulling with Emo. But he ends up leaving with Grant to learn to make fire since Carters rather unspecific way of asking comes across a bit embarrassing.

Meanwhile back in GD Larry, Fargo’s assistant almost gets his brain dissected while Alison examined him. Seems more and more computers act up. Jo Lupo brings Zane in to analyze what went wrong and he discovers an unauthorized subroutine. Andy calls about a situation back at a Carpe Diem. Virtual Vincent refuses to take any unhealthy orders. Jo is a bit upset for being called down for that but when she asks Andy starts with an ‘Ode to Jo’. Jo figures it out and asks Andy to come with her. That’s when we switch over to the other plot line of tonight’s show.

Henry is tinkering in his garage when Grace walks in and they continue their talk. I feel a role reversal here, maybe Grace is going to pine for her lost love now. My Henry is gone.

It is time for some male bonding in the woods. Grant and Carter almost starts to fight over Alison and Kevin takes off. It seems like Fargo’s tent have been infected too. First it feeds him vegetables then it traps him when he tries to leave.

Back at GD they discover all level six AI’s have been infected with the same foreign subroutine and they start to shut down all of them. Zane says he can fix it if he gets the original source code. The only AI they can’t shut down is Tiny, it is on its way to NASA already. S.A.R.A.H calls and asks about Andy making Jo realize that GD might not be the source. She, Zane and Andy goes there. S.A.R.A.H likes Andy so she decided to improve him to he could recipicate.

She slipped you an emo download, Dude. (Zane)

Tiny escaped and Jo gear up to hunt him. Alison is worried since Kevin is camping in the vicinities and they are not answering their cell phones. While miss ‘I never miss’ is out hunting for Tiny. Carter and Grant is out hunting for Kevin. They are quite confrontational about Alison when they walk into Kevin. He is not happy about Carter dating his mom. Grant is happy about that. Poor Carter.

They find Fargo wrapped in his tent back at the camp afraid for something moving in the forest. It is Tiny. Carter tries to talk to it. “I know we had our disagreements in the past, but we are all good?”. Tiny stand up, light his lights and rotate his hands in threat mode. They run. When Emo looks out of Kevin’s backpack, I start to get an Idea what Tiny is after. Carter tells the others to hide and run for it when he creates a diversion.

Hey Big Titan Rover!
With an unnecessary creepy design …

Tiny drill a hole in the tree beside him and they all run. The others make it to the car and drive off with Tiny on their tail. “Fargo where is Jack?” Kevin asks. Fargo turns the car around and passes Tiny on his way back. Fargo leans over and opens the door for Carter.

Come with me if you want to live

They call Alison who asks them to lead Tiny down the mountain so Lupo and her men can deal with it. But they arrive before they can deploy. At the last minute the robot catches Kevin under it’s grappler. The troops move in but they can’t shoot. “If she collapses, she will crush Kevin”. Carter saves Kevin’s life and figures out that the only thing Tiny wanted was Emo for company. He was afraid of being lonely on his six year mission to Titan. Poor Tiny.

I got to say that Fargo drives like James Bond.

Zane clean up the AIs but leave Andy’s emotions for S.A.R.A.H. He could always use a friend in law enforcement. Andy doing the walk of shame in front of Jo and Jack the morning after was nice.

There is a very emotional scene when Henry takes leave of Grace and promises to win her back.

Afterwards in Cafe Diem Carter admit to Kevin that he loves Alison and gets his blessing. He also tells Grant not to plan the wedding yet. Grant finishes with “May the best man win”. So guess what is going to happen next time?

This was a great episode. The buildup of  Carter and Grant’s rivalry over Alison is on even if it feels a bit juvenile. It is granted to be fun though. Henrik winning his wife again is also open but I fear Grace might have something else in mind. On the Jo Lupo and Zane front I don’t see any reaction from his side so far. What do you think?

Next Week

Zoe returns to Eureka. That is good she was so fantastic last season and  I have missed her.

Eureka 4.07 – Stoned (Syfy)
Tensions between Carter and Grant over Allison peak, Henry woos his own wife and Zoe deals with a secret love as something begins turning townsfolk into stone.

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Aug 082010

Last Week

On Eureka last week they had a race around the moon and Alison cheated on her son’s behalf but he saved the day.

This week started with a crossover event in Warehouse 13 – 13.1 where Fargo bonded with Claudia over an upgrade of the warehouse computer system. After a match with half a brain they saved the day together with Artie.

This Week

Claudia from Warehouse 13 comes to visit and Fargo goes over the top to make her feel welcome.

Meanwhile Henry and Grant test drive the reconfigured time bridge to no appearent effect. Grant is catching up on music history so it is all done to some groovy seventies music. Henry’s wife Dr Monroe starts to get suspicious and presses both Henry and Carter on what is wrong. Henry hasn’t done his husband duties in weeks.

I enjoyed Fargonator’s (Claudia’s name for him) stopping at nothing to make Claudia feel at home even as things start to go wrong. A forest appear at GD, a bullet with complete casing materializes inside Jo and a bomber air plane inside Carpe Diem. Hm wonder if this has anything to do with the time bridge? Yes of course it does and it centers on Grant. Is he going to die of it? No of course not, Grant and Alison reprogram his nicotine patch to remove the offending particles in time.

The sequence where Fargo and Claudia go off by themselves and end up in a minefield was quite enjoyable especially when they succeeded in delaying the first fuse so they could jump out of the way and Claudia lands on top of Fargo and kisses him just as we hear the click of another mine being armed. Luckily Sheriff Carter saves them. They look good together.

Talking about looking good together it seems like Grant’s advances on Alison isn’t unappreciated. I would also say that Jo doesn’t look bad on the sofa with Carter either. Time for a change maybe?

Said and Done

  • What’s up bitches (Claudia)
  • You can trust me I was a Camp Fire Girl (Claudia)
  • Please tell me you kept the uniform (Fargo)
  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit smoking (Grant)

Next Week

Eureka 4.06 – Monstrosity (Syfy)
Carter goes camping with Kevin, and Henry wants to come clean with Grace while a peculiar relationship threatens Eureka.

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Aug 052010

Last week

Peter and Myka infiltrated Fashion Week to find a sinister artifact that aged models in hours. When Myka is affected Claudia gets to play with a real huge needle in a suggestive way before they could sort it all out. Claudia went train wreck on her first date with Todd but Artie came to the rescue.

This week

What could go wrong with a computer upgrade in the Warehouse? You are correct, a lot. Fargo arrives on order of the scary lady. He and Claudia bond over gadgets and the it evolution while Artie fuss over every little change they make. Install completed, reboot. No luck there amigos and amigas, Failsafe Activated! Peculiar and sinister looking devices pop out of the floors while they are locked out of the system.

Mika and Pete chase off to fetch Hugo Miller, the retired inventor of the Warehouse system in the hope he could help. But he has gone bonkers and lives in a nearby sanatorium. After a somewhat amusing trip they bring him back.

Meanwhile Artie show Fagro and Claudia the computer lab where the AI resided. It uploads itself into the more modern diggs Fargo installed including some spiffy drones. The AI appears in holographic form as Hugo Miller in some time typical attire from the seventies. The computer declares a new safety protocol and starts to freeze down the Warehouse with its residents,

Claudia and Fargo go off to hunt the artifact Hugo used to create the AI while Artie goes off and challenge the computer at Battlecruiser. One of the coolest scenes in this episode is when Fargo and Claudia combine a laser pistol with Claudia’s extension ring when they are surrounded by drones. What they made? A Lightsaber! Swish swash, Fargo got one down and hand it over to Claudie who first cut off its legs and then impale the drone brrscreech. In a moment of euphoria they kiss. That’s when Claudia realizes she loves Todd and tells Fargo. Fargo had something else in mind.

Artie saves the day when he beats the computer by cheating. He realizes it is not an AI, it is the left half of Hugo’s mind that has been downloaded into the computer. He convinces it to let the real Hugo in. For a while it looks like the computer might win and download Hugo’s mind into the mainframe but our computer wiz locks him out and Artie reverse the process by spinning the artifact the other way.

In the end Hugo goes off to a new job at GD in Eureka while Claudia get shot down by Todd, bummer.

Said and done

  • This is why Jedi turned to the dark side (Fargo)
  • Soon we are in breeding camps wearing fur bikinis (Pete)


The Eureka crossover continues.

Eureka 4.05 – Crossing over (Syfy)
Claudia Donovan visits Eureka to see if Fargo’s promises of wondrous devices are true, but she finds herself in the middle of a mystery suitable for Warehouse 13 when objects begin to appear randomly around the town and GD, and it must be solved before there are deadly consequences.

Next week

Warehouse 13 – Around the Bend (Syfy)
Pete goes undercover and the Relic Hunter is guest staring as one of Peter’s old love interests.

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