Eureka 4.07 – Stoned [Review Recap]

Last Week

It all started with Jo Lupo nude in the shower. In Momstrosity the guys went camping but left Henry home to tell his wife the truth about them being from an alternative timeline. Carter and Grant had a fight about Alison until the attack of the robotic Ant but the poor huge thing was only looking for Emo. Review recap here.

This Week

Zoe is back in town walking with her dad and did I just see her giving Zane the look? She looks grown up, more of a young woman than before. Alison is at the cafe with Grant and the baby when Zoe and Jack walk in. Carter is obviously disturbed and when Jo Lupo joins them the friendly banter about relationships reaches new heights. Zoe and Jo are planning a spa date later, wonder if Zane is going to come up? Zoe tells she met this Funny, Smart and Hot guy. He is a little older is such a giveaway.

Carter finally asks Alison out, but she might have gotten another impression.

Why did it take me four years to do that? (Carter)

Your house is getting more action than either of us (Jo Lupo)

Construction of Jo’s new house has been put to a halt by a guy named Derek who has found fossils on the site. This might be more interesting than I thought. Zoe seems to know this guy; maybe I am wrong about the target of her affection. Carter immediately picks up on it. “Derek?” “He is a genius”. We all follow Jo there in anticipation of her setting him straight, but he is already struck to a Flash-Crete wall, maybe with some help by the contractor pushing him there. It is for moments like this I watch Eureka, that and the funny dialog.

Let’s get Indiana Jones here out of the wall. Do you have a chisel? (Carter)

Jo-Jo seems more upset with the state of her unbuilt house, the one with the Dojo and the fire range in the basement. She is such a special lady our Jo-Jo. Is this the day of the love triangles? Zoe jumps on Derek’s new find. “I would love to see it”. Lupo is interrupted by a 911 from Fargo and has to leave. Someone has been snooping around Trevor Grant’s false file. Fargo seems close to panic.

We violated time travel protocols. They are going to lock us up as lab rats. Forever. (Fargo)

They decide they need to hack the system to find out its source. “But that would be like trying to hack the Matrix”, says Fargo. “We need ‘the One’, Jo replies and leaves. Meanwhile back home Zoe is planning an outing with Derek after Jo canceled their spa date.

Do you really want to hang with Mr ‘I found a pinky’? (Carter)

But Zoe forgot her bag at the dig site and Jack drives her there and they find Derek turned to stone. That is the mystery of  the week. Carter’s date with Alison doesn’t turn out the way he expected. Zoe goes back to the dig to finish with the find, because that’s what he would have wanted. As I suspected Alison didn’t expect a real date with Carter, but then they find heartbeat from the statue.

Henry is having a date with Grace but it turns out it is the same date his alt had with her. He needs to come up with something original.

All of a sudden a crazy selling spa lady appears in GD and my first thought is, is she behind the flash-crete? The dissolvent doesn’t work on Derek; instead the stone casing is getting stronger. Alison decides to have a go with a laser cutter but discovers the skin IS concrete.

The One is Zane of course. He is his usual obnoxious self. He even has the audacity to challenge them to a bit of blackmail before he helps them. Fargo pays up but Jo-Jo is appalled.

Carter ends up in a warehouse where he finds a few more living statues. Doctor Zimer (the contractor) has also been turned into stone in the jail. Back at GD creepy spa lady is there, she must have caused this somehow. Carter goes after Derek instead. But he might be right and I wrong. He finds a dead rat in Derek’s lab and accidentally drops it into a vat and it turns to stone in seconds. Zoe is disappointed. The fossil in found in Lupo’s ground was falsified. Wonder why he did that? Guess what? Jack feels sorry for Zoe and pays for a spa treatment for her.

Alison and Carter finally have a little talk about the kiss and she has a point there, she behaved like nothing happened. Alison need the compound causing the petrification and Carter goes looking. He meets Henry at the dig site with Carter. He asks Carter for dating advice! “You should ask the one you are most unlikely to ask about dating advice”. Awkward silent, “I am”.

Grace and Zoe is at the spa together and they talk about guys. Grace gets one or two inputs about Henry and it is quite obvious now that Zoe is talking about Zane.

Zane hacks the master system and discovers the IRS are the ones doing the checking. Because Larry filed  dependents on his registration form instead of one.  Later Larry delivers a care package to Grant and behaves in a rather peculiar way. Is he trying to start a bromance? The package contains a bottle of wine Grants favorite wine dated 1947 and a note asking for a meeting.

After a steam bath at the spa Zoe returns, chat up Zane but are interrupted by Carter only to discover that her hand has turned to stone. Alison succeeds in slowing the process.

Meanwhile Zane goes to Jo with suspicions about Grants. He is convinced Grant’s file is a fake. Joe brushes him off. I am sure that is a bad move, he doesn’t look like a guy that would give up.

Carter finally figures out Zoe were okay when Alison checked her before so she must have come into contact with the agent afterwards at the Spa. Said and done, they steam bath them with the antigen and saves all the afflicted, Derek included.

We are not garden stationeries any more (Zoe)

Zane visits Zoe and Jo Lupo walks in. I think I am going to be sick. Poor Lupo.

Her new guy is my old guy? (Lupo)

Henry surprises Grace with a disco session at GD’s reception with Fargo as the DJ. That was more than a little weird but a happy moment.

In a quiet part of GD Carter asks Alison about the date thing and they talk, and it looks like they are breaking up before it even started but then Carter turns back and finally, after four years Alison and Jack kisses and then some. I am happy for them but don’t expect it to be smooth traveling from now on. Check out next week’s episode, it is about ex partners.

Trevor meets with the mystery contact from IRS and it is Beverly Barlow the daughter of one of his old coworkers.

We have been waiting a very long time for you (Beverly)

Whoa, what is going on here?

Another enjoyable episode of summer entertainment.

Next Week

Eureka 4.08 – The Ex-files (Syfy)

People from their pasts haunt Carter and the gang while unknown forces attack Eureka.

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