By Heresies Distressed by David Weber (Safehold 3)

This long awaited book lay on my pillow when I came home from London. Thank you B.

You can’t really put it down once you started. Heresies is more about developing the characters and the plot line, than about the warcrafts. David Weber does excellent personifications.

The conflict on Safehold grows. Cayleb and Merlin are off invading Corisade. And the young Queen Sharleyan is left alone in Charis. She still doesn’t know the truth about Safehold. But she might need to know if she is to survive.

The plot line around the internal church opposition is promising. The Circle is treathened by a traitor. They are also in possession of a key? My guess it is a key to the stasis chambers under the temple? or to the orbital defence system.

I guess next book will be Holy War. I can’t wait on the next book. I want it now.

Edit: Safehold 4 will be titled A Mighty Fortress and will be released in March 2010 according to davidweber.netfaq. Edit 2: According to other unconfirmed sources Weber will also turn in Safehold 5 at the same time, to be published by Tor. No name was disclosed,might be something with Angels.