Eureka 4.05 – Crossing over [Review]

Last Week

On Eureka last week they had a race around the moon and Alison cheated on her son’s behalf but he saved the day.

This week started with a crossover event in Warehouse 13 – 13.1 where Fargo bonded with Claudia over an upgrade of the warehouse computer system. After a match with half a brain they saved the day together with Artie.

This Week

Claudia from Warehouse 13 comes to visit and Fargo goes over the top to make her feel welcome.

Meanwhile Henry and Grant test drive the reconfigured time bridge to no appearent effect. Grant is catching up on music history so it is all done to some groovy seventies music. Henry’s wife Dr Monroe starts to get suspicious and presses both Henry and Carter on what is wrong. Henry hasn’t done his husband duties in weeks.

I enjoyed Fargonator’s (Claudia’s name for him) stopping at nothing to make Claudia feel at home even as things start to go wrong. A forest appear at GD, a bullet with complete casing materializes inside Jo and a bomber air plane inside Carpe Diem. Hm wonder if this has anything to do with the time bridge? Yes of course it does and it centers on Grant. Is he going to die of it? No of course not, Grant and Alison reprogram his nicotine patch to remove the offending particles in time.

The sequence where Fargo and Claudia go off by themselves and end up in a minefield was quite enjoyable especially when they succeeded in delaying the first fuse so they could jump out of the way and Claudia lands on top of Fargo and kisses him just as we hear the click of another mine being armed. Luckily Sheriff Carter saves them. They look good together.

Talking about looking good together it seems like Grant’s advances on Alison isn’t unappreciated. I would also say that Jo doesn’t look bad on the sofa with Carter either. Time for a change maybe?

Said and Done

  • What’s up bitches (Claudia)
  • You can trust me I was a Camp Fire Girl (Claudia)
  • Please tell me you kept the uniform (Fargo)
  • Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit smoking (Grant)

Next Week

Eureka 4.06 – Monstrosity (Syfy)
Carter goes camping with Kevin, and Henry wants to come clean with Grace while a peculiar relationship threatens Eureka.

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