Debris (The Veiled Worlds 1) by Jo Anderton [Book Review]

Who did this to me?

This is a different universe with advanced technology built on something that looks like magic. Some people have the ability to see and manipulate invisible entities or particles called pions much like magic. They use it for everything we use technology for. It is hinted in the novel that they have used technology at some time in their history but it got replaced when the pions were discovered.

There is a problem though, using pions also create a waste substance called debris (thus the name of the book) and the lowest of the low in society are the debris collectors.

This is the tale of Tanyana, a successful and powerful pion-binder architect who survives a pion related accident that robs her of her powers and she has to start life as a debris collector. She is convinced someone did this to her and her quest to find out who uncovers truths she never imagined.

This fall from high above to the underside of society reveals how unjust her society is and Tanyana takes a good look at herself and those around her. Things are not made simpler by two love interests she has to deal with in the story, one from high society and one from below.

One thing i found had a lot of symbolism in was the way the government trapped her in a special suit for her to become a debris collector. The suit was rather cool in many ways but it was still trapping her and sat her aside in society.

I am a character person and this book has some good characters maybe of the more typical kind but I enjoyed them. Tanyana’s interaction with the collector team was a great part of my enjoyment with the story, they have some great characters there.

There is an overall mystery about the history of the world and the nature of pions and Tanyana’s flair with them I am sure we will learn more about as the series progresses.

This is mostly fantasy but I am not sure if this is just fantasy, it could as well be science fiction so fans of both can enjoy this book.

Jo Anderton pleases me well with her first novel. I would gladly read more by her. Fortunately Debris is the first in a series.  I look forward to the next installment.

Book Information

Debris (The Veiled Worlds 1) by Jo Anderton (Angry Robot) – review copy – Amazon US | UK

Tanyana is among the highest ranking in her far-future society a skilled pionner, able to use a mixture of ritual and innate talent to manipulate the particles that hold all matter together. But an accident brings her life crashing down around her ears. She is cast down amongst the lowest of the low, little more than a garbage collector. But who did this to her, and for what sinister purpose? Her quest to find out will take her to parts of the city she never knew existed, and open the door to a world she could never have imagined.