Assessing possibilities …

Performance appraisal, also known as employee appraisal is the common English names for the annual employee employer talk. A better name might be Development appraisal or such. At the moment I am preparing to have these talks with my staff. Its been a few years since I did it last time.

My personal checklist for the talks:

  • Work
    • Situation and result
    • Do you get enough Information?
    • Do you get enough Management?
    • How do you asses yourself?
    • What you know about our goals
  • Environment
    • Work environment
    • Tools
    • What to improve
  • Relations with management
    • Which improvment in our relation would you like to see?
    • My view of you
    • Your view of me
  • Personal development
    • Which personal goals do you have for the next year
    • Where do you want to be in 3 years?
    • How would you like to go about it?
      • work
      • training
      • other
    • Priorities?
  • Unit development
    • The next year
    • Priorities
  • Action plan until the next meeting.

Depending on the overall objective you can design the talks in 3 different ways:

  1. Use it as a tool for Management By Objectives (MBO).
  2. Use it as a tool for Human Resource planing
  3. Use it to improve relations in the workforce


I think I prefere a mix of all three.