Dreadnaught (Beyond the Frontier 1) by Jack Campbell [Book Review]

Slow start and ends in a cliffhanger

Black Jack Geary slept for a hundred years in a defunct life pod only to be rescued by a doomed fleet trapped behind enemy lines. Against all odds he bought them home and found love at the same time. That was the story told in the six novels in the Lost Fleet series.

The Alliance Government is not happy with the returning heroes and half his own fleet plot to make him tyrant. So when he returns from his honeymoon they give him the fleet and send him off to the other side of the syndic empire against the aliens they now know started the war.

Beyond the Frontier is a new series that brings back most of the fleet and characters from the earlier series. The politics inside the fleet continues to be a challenge to Black John Geary and his new wife.

It starts off a bit slow with a few skirmishes in the middle and more major fighting at the end. You should be warned that the book ends in a cliffhanger but the next volume should be out next spring.

I have had great expectations on the aliens since the last three or four books. But don’t expect too much revelation in the first book. I withhold judgment until I have seen more of them but the little we learn is interesting.

This is more of the same as in Lost Fleet and I was a bit disappointed in the pacing. Dreadnaught was a fast and enjoyable read even so and I will certainly get the next book. I recommend that you read the Lost Fleet before this one.

Book Information

Dreadnaught (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier 1) by Jack Campbell (Ace 2011) – Amazon US | UK

The Alliance woke Captain John “Black Jack” Geary from cryogenic sleep to take command of the fleet in the century-long conflict against the Syndicate Worlds. Now Fleet Admiral Geary’s victory has earned him the adoration of the people-and the enmity of politicians convinced that a living hero can be a very inconvenient thing.

Geary knows that members of the military high command and the government question his loyalty to the Alliance and fear his staging a coup-so he can’t help but wonder if the newly christened First Fleet is being deliberately sent to the far side of space on a suicide mission.