Agent of Vega by James Schmitz

Available from Baen Books as a free online book

Agent of Vega stories

Agent of Vega –Iliff is sent  to the planet Gull to assist Pagadan with an Identification and finds the aliens parasites Ceetal trying to take over the universe and at the same time his arch enemy U1.

The Illusionists – The case of the immortal illusionist with Pagadan

The Second Night of Summer – Grimp’s grandma foils a Hapla invasion on a rural planet

The Truth about Cushgar– The tale of how tens of thousands of agents swarmed in to help one of their own reunite with her family.

Other stories

The Custodians– McNulty the Rilf meets the Custodians

Gone Fishing – Con man gets caned for five years

The Beacon to Elswhere – Freeholder rebels looking for time travel

The End of the Line – a small group escapes

Watch the Sky – Is faking isn’t easy

Greenface – Green horror

Rouge Psi