View From The Imperium by Jody Lynn Nye (Baen 2011)

Jeeves of the Spaceways – fun & thrilling

Ensign Thomas Kinago starts by making a fool of himself the first day by pimping out his uniform in admiral stripes and arriving late to his first dinner with an Admiral known for adhering strictly to punctuality. The dressing-down he gets afterwards is a beauty I enjoyed greatly as a reader and it sets the tone for the rest of the book. I laughed out loud for a long time when the Admiral asked if he had trouble keeping inside the lines with crayons in kindergarten too.

Thomas is a member of the imperial family somewhat distant from the throne but nonetheless firmly removed from reality when the book starts. It is amusing, emotional and revealing as he realizes how protected he has been.  He is a good-hearted fellow it is easy to love but he keeps getting into trouble due to inexperience. It is lucky that he has his Jevees sorry Parsons that steers him the right way.

Jody Lynn Nye isn’t exactly new to me. I have enjoyed her Doona collaboration with Anne McCaffrey and a few short stories especially in Worlds of Honor. This is promoted as a space opera version of the P. G. Woodhouse’s Jeeves books and it is not too far from the truth but Thomas is more talented than his counterpart.

The story is about as much about his journey of discovery, including some military adventures not mentioned in the blurb as it is about how a mysteriously charismatic leader threatens to take over a distant former sector of the Imperium the new Emperor wants to re include. It makes sense to send Kinago and Parsons there to find out what is going on.

The characters are great and I love the story even if I get to stretch my sense of disbelief a time or two. Thomas makes mistakes, it wouldn’t be as much fun else but he also makes many things right especially to his friends old and new. It is good when you cry from laughter and deep emotions in the same book.

View from the Imperium is fun character driven space opera with a bit over the top characters, a big heart and thrilling action. I hope Jody Lynn Nye will continue with the characters and make this a series. As you understand I warmly recommend this light-hearted novel.

Book Information

View From The Imperium by Jody Lynn Nye – Baen 2011 – Bought if from Amazon UK | US

P. G. Wodehouse meets space opera, as Ensign Thomas Innes Loche Kinago, fresh from the Academy is given his first command. A crumb from the upper crust, he’s eager to uphold the traditions of his family, and in particular, his mother, a distinguished Admiral of the Imperium. Of course, he’s aware of the importance of always having simply smashing tailored uniforms on hand, and having his camera ready to record memorable moments for his scrapbook. In the meantime, a charismatic leader has arisen who seems able to control the minds of anyone he meets, and may be on his way to taking over the entire galaxy. Can Kinago’s aristocratic bearing and unbridled snobbery stand up to such a challenge? Fortunately, his constant companion, the unflappable Jeeves, er, Parsons, is on hand to look after the young, impulsive master, and somehow help his charge bumble his way through, perhaps even saving the galaxy in the process.