Selling Out (Quantum Gravity 2) by Justina Robson [Book Review]

To Demonia and Back Again

The beautiful and feisty half-cyborg secret agent Lila Black is back for a visit to the demon realm. She goes to the land of the dead and Hell too but the last is not a place.

The Quantum Bomb opened up connections with the realms of elves, demons, fairies, elementals and the dead. At least the denizens of the first three all knew about earth before but now the humans know about them too.

Most of the characters from book one are back. And we also get to know some interesting new one like Thingumajig, the entertaining but irritating red imp. Lila also gets to explore Demonias social scene since Zal spend most of his time trapped in Zoomenon. Lila has barely landed in Demonia when the assassination attempts commence.  The violence gets fairly graphics but entertaining.

The tone is darker than in book one; Lila’s trauma starts to catch up with her; her parents believing she is dead, the spirit of a dead elf necromancer she is sharing her body with; She has issues with accepting her new self when she need her strength the most. This shows more depth to her character. I think overall that the characters in this book have more depth than in the first book.

The demonic society with their violence and absolute truthfulness to themselves is creative and something I enjoyed immensely. Lila also learns that there is more to the universe than the realms she knows of, seems the other races have kept the humans in the dark.

The narration gets a bit shattered since it jumps back and forth between mainly Lila, Zal and Malachi. This gets rather frustrating at times.

Selling Out is Lila Black dancing with Demons and other minor acts of violence. It is well written, fast paced fun fantasy with a spice of science and steampunk.

Book Information

Selling Out (Quantum Gravity 2) by Justina Robson – Gollancz (2007) – Bought from Amazon UK | US

Book two of the Quantum Gravity series sees Lila Black drawn into the intoxicatingly dangerous demon realm. Capricious, in love with beauty, demons are best left to themselves. This is not easy when they can’t resist tampering with humans.

Justina Robson’s new series is a joyful melding of science fiction and fantasy brought together in the figure of the dangerously lovely Lila Black, a 21-year-old secret agent who’s had much of her body replaced with weapon-and-armor-heavy intelligent metal and who isn’t sure where her mind ends and her installed AI begins. Lila’s world is one where demons, elves, and elementals live alongside people. And somehow Lila and the other agents of the security agency have to provide security for all and stay alive themselves.