What’s New or Returning on TV This Week (15-21 February 2010)?

This week is a dud. I am afraid this week suffers from the suction of the black hole of the Winter Olympics. There wont be any interesting new premiers this month. Lets see what is safe to watch this week.


Only one show! that is unacceptable! Where are all my other favorites!

Life unexpected

Love this little sweet show. Love you guys on CW that still makes TV I can watch.

Lux throws a party at Baze’s loft to impress her new friends, particularly the high school quarterback, Jones. Meanwhile, Cate worries that her relationship with Lux will never be as strong as the bond between Lux and Baze.

Tuesday is a blank


Human Target

Chance grows on you.

To rescue a genius engineer, Chance must break into a high-security skyscraper, find his client, and get him out again… before the man’s employers kill them both.


Watching this if I have time.

The Leverage team continues to con the corrupt mayor.


Past Life (New-ish Show) Episode 3 Soul Music

Looks like an interesting episode.

Two people share the same regression episode and the team discover that the couple are star-crossed lovers who rediscover their love. But the team must keep the pair from fulfilling their own destructive pattern.

Archer 1.07 Skytanic

The ISIS is sent into action after a bomb threatens a luxury airship

Burn Notice 3.14 Partners in Crime

The picture is from last weeks episode. but … wow, sorry for being a pig.

Michael helps a man who is framed for murder. Sam convinces Michael to investigate a robbery at a chic fashion house, but they quickly realize the world of design isn’t always pretty.


Smallville 9.13 Persuasion

When Clark is exposed to gemstone kryptonite on Valentine’s Day, he unwittingly gains the ability to make wishes come true… and chaos results as Lois agrees to have a traditional relationship, and Chloe vows to watch out over Clark and protect him from Lois.

Caprica 1.04 Gravedancing

I will try to make a review of Caprica this week.

The Greystones attempt damage control while vengeance closes in on them


Legend of the Seeker – Hunger

Cara gets into trouble and Zeddicus tries to help her.

Sunday is a blank

Only one more week before some semblance or normality on TV again. But maybe I shouldn’t complain so much.I got plenty of books to read instead.