Supernatural Season 5 so far

The End of Days. Sam broke the last seal and the apocalypse  starts. From the begining Supernatural was planned for five seasons. Its been said that this will be the last season of Supernatural, but I hope not. This is a show that continues to interest and fascinate. I want more.

The new intro is great and short.

Remember that Sam is The Vessel, Michael’s Sword.

5.01 Symphaty for the Devil – The devil finds his vessel and ascend to the world

You get slammed with a lot of information this episode. 

5.02 Good god, Y’all – Bobby is in hospital. Castiel starts the search for God. The brothers head up to River Pass, Colorado, A town isolated from the world, it seems to be overrun by Demons. Or is it? Presenting War, the Horseman. Sam have to face his addiction to demon blood. War’s power is in his ring, which the Winchesters eventually figure. The brothers split at the end of this episode.

Good action and the episode is related to the season arc and drives the story forward. I liked it.

5.03 Free to Be You and Me – Sam tries to give up hunting, doing bad. Sam wakes up in bed with Jess, his girlfriend, the dead one, and she lays it on him. While Dean continue to hunt, missing Sam. Castel  asks for help trapping and interrogating the archangel Rafael the one who killed him. Rafael walks the earth in Main while Sam’s town also has omens of the apocalypse. Dean and Castel capture and interrogate Rafael. He believes god is dead, but who resurrected Castel? Rafael believe Lucifer did it.
The hunters that comes to Sams town take a beating and the demons tells them the truth about Sam. That Sam broke the last seal and started the apocalypse. They take Sam’s girlfriend and threaten her to get Sam to drink demon blood and vanquish the demons.
Jess turns out to be Lucifer, he is still looking for Sam, his true vessel.

Castel as Deans FBI sidekick is funny. Castel is a virgin which Dean sets out to fix, it ain’t easy.
Sam have a love story with a girl in the bar he works in. Good pacing, great interest. I like this season so far.
I wonder if god will be revealed as a girl in the end?

5.04 The End – Dean and Castel look for a cult of demon killers. Sam tells Dean about him being Lucifer’s vessel. Sam wants in again for redemption. Dean don’t think they should be together.
Dean wake up five years into the future. The world is in ruins and demons are everywhere. He runs into a bunch and are saved by the military. He was sent by the Angels to see what his action to refuse Sam might lead to. And its not pretty. Dean meets future-Dean. Lucifer is wearing Sam and Dean-Dean set out to kill Lucifer.
Lucifer-Sam meet now-Dean after killing future-Dean. Dean refuse Michael again and joins up with Sam.
The Winchester boys are back togheter again!

Castel is a  joy in the now. He is hooked on girls in the future. Love him.
Dean-Dean is a nice twist.

5.05 Fallen Idols – A racing car comes to life and kills the owner is the beginning of this episode, it looks like is the car James Dean was killed in, but it isn’t. Famous dead icons is killing people in a small town. Dean and Sam to the rescue. This is the Paris Hilton episode. The look on their faces is priceless.
Dean lets Sam drive!

Nice sidestory, brings the relationship between Sam and Dean forward.

 5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future –  A babysitter is killed by herself or by a television dog. A brush and itching powder might be involved. Next a old man gets electrocuted by a Joy buzzer. The the ugly tooth fairy attacks. Eventually they realize fantasies are becoming real. Then the meet Jessie, a kid that changes reality without realizing it. From his mother they learn that she was possessed by a demon for nine months. Castel tell them the kid is Anti-Christ. When Castel tries to kill him he is turned in to a miniature.

I guess Jessie will be a key to defeating the devil or a segue to the next season. For now he went surfing.

5.07 The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester – A man turns old in front of the mirror. He had been playing poker. They tell Bobby and he comes and find the game before them and he loses twenty five years.  Dean decides to play for it and loses. Old-Dean doesn’t have much stamina. Sam plays poker like a god.

Old-dean is a change of pace. “He is adorable” says the sexy maid. This episode is entertaining but doesn’t bring the arc forward.

5.08 Changing Channels  – The Dean and Sam are trapped in various contemporary TV shows. It all starts out with the Incredible Hulk killing a man.They are first in Gray’s Anatomy, then it is surviving a Japanese gameshow, commercials, sitcoms. Catiel tries to get them out. But it’s not the Trixter they think. CSI is a light touch. Knightrider lol!!! The Trickster is the Archangel Gabriel.

Interesting explanation for the vessels by Gabriel. He suggest brother has to kill brother for it all to end. Dean counters with Gabriel being too afraid to stand up to his family, Gabriel might come around to the winchester side

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters Sam and Dean are tricked into attending a Supernatural convention by their super-fan Becky. Chuck announcesthey are going to start publishing Supernatural again. At the hunt a real ghost appear and the Winchesters get involved. They don’t know they got a tail. Two fans playing the game find the map to where the bodies are buried. After a fight in the graveyard, and the burning of the remains the fans are chocked. But the story isn’t ended there. They vanquished the mother that kept the three murdering kids in check. With the help of their fans it all works out in the end. Becky gets the hots for Chuck in the end and then they tell Sam – humor.

Arc wise they get a lead to the Colt.

5.10 Abandon All Hope… – They go after Cowley who has the Colt. They make a deal with Crowley to kill the devil. When they arrive in town it seems empty. Castel sees a lot of  reapers and follows one of them to Lucifer. Seems like Lucifer is preparing to summoning the Angel of Death. The group is hunted by invisible Hell Hounds and Jo is wounded. The Winchesters and Co are holed up in a hardware store and Castel is held prisoner. Bobby researches the place where Lucifer will do the ceremony. Jo’s wounds are lethal so she sacrifice her life to give the others a chance at the Devil. The Lucifer-Sam similarities are interesting. Unfortunately in the end the colt can’t kill Lucifer.

Got to love Crowley. Drinking games with an angel is also notable in this episode. Pitythere is such a wait until the two last episodes. All in all it has been an awsome season.

5.11 Sam, Interrupted. Will air 21 January 2010

5.12 Series or Season Finale? Will air in 28January 2010.