New or Returning on TV in February 2010

This is a bad month for TV, most is sucked up by the Black Hole of the Winter Olympics 13-28 February, but there is one science fiction genre premier this month Past Life on FOX.

Tuesday 9th

Past Life

Looks like an interesting new tv series built on a book by M.J. Rose The Reincarnationist. M.J. Rose is best known as an author of erotic thrillers according to  Publishers Weekly.

There are four main characters:

  • Dr. Kate McGinn (Kelli Giddish) researcher and true believer
  • Price Whatley (Nicholas Bishop) former NYPD now Kate’s partner
  • Dr. Malachi Talmadge (Richard Schiff, The West Wing) her mentor
  • Dr. Rishi Karna (Ravi Patel, Scrubs) is the rookie in the group

Have you ever experienced déjà vu or met someone you thought seemed familiar? Do you believe in karma, fate or love at first sight?

Psychologist Dr. Kate McGinn and her partner, former detective Price Whatley, attempt to help Noah, a teen suffering from regression episodes repressed memories from a past life in which Noah remembers a previous life’s kidnapping and murder. Together with Dr. Malachi Talmadge and Dr. Rishi Karna, McGinn and Whatley work to track down the perpetrator of a crime committed 14 years earlier in the “Pilot”

Returns and Finales

Thursday 4th
Bones 5th season winter finale

Thursday 11th
Past Lifes – ordinary time slot
Supernatural – going on hiatus until March 25
Vampire Diaries – going on hiatus until March 25

13- 28 The black hole of Winter Olympics

Wendsday 17
Leverage 2nd season finale

ps. I didn’t forget Lost, I am just not interested.