Merlin Season 3 Premiere Review

The Tears of Uthor Pendragon Part 1

It is good to have Merlin back. TV has been missing a good Medieval Fantasy. Those urban variants seem to have taken over elsewhere.

It has been a year since season two ended and Morgana disappeared. Now Morgana returns under mysterious and sinister circumstances. First she puts a curse on Uthor making him a haunted man seeing visions of victims of his pogroms against magic. Then she captures Merlin and Morgause, her sister puts him in chains to be poisoned by the scorpion-like enchanted serkets. In desperation at being poisoned he calls on the big dragon. It BBQs the serkets and fly away with Merlin. Meanwhile one of Uthor’s many arch-enemies (there has been a few) King Cenred is marching on Camelot impelled by Morgause and the traitor they have inside the gates. That is where we leave for next episode.

It is a darker Camelot this season, what is it with all series now a days? Must everything turn more dark and sinister? It is true that Morgana is a villain in Merlin Saga, but they had something good going on before. The new season is exciting and maybe they won’t go totally dark.

Among other changes is that Arthur is more of a jock this episode and mock Merlin in front of his squires. That part disturbed me a little. Before this he kept his ‘jokes’ between the two of them.

I was shocked when Morgana knifed down a guard and then poisoned him. She is callous and more evil now. I almost feel something more must have happened to her.

The new season starts with some bold strokes and I think I’ll wait with an in depth review until after this two part episode finishes next week.  One thing with these BBC press releases is that they give away the whole plot of the episode so I will refrain from putting it here.