UK style Demons

Ohh recognition, I got a tip from a friend to check out Demons, a recent TV Series from the UK and who do I see if not Philip Glenister, the master copper from Life on Mars.

This is another van Helsing story with a twist. Young Man discover his heritage – he is the last van Helsing! Time to take over the family business after his dead father.

Mina(the lovely Zo√ęTapper) – the blind seeres
Ruby– annoying girly friend, lovely lad
Rupert– Lukes mentor, known from Life on Mars
Luke– young van Helsing, a bit to much Kenau Revesesque for my liking.

In my opinion the UK go for more ‘natural’ actors than US castings. Like in Hex, Life on Mars.

Its kind of entertaining in a Middle Man (Real pity they canceled that series) kind of way, tho not all of the actors are that good.

1st episode: Hawk man(?) kidnap girly friend. Quote: “Check under your bed, They bite you know

2nd episode: The angel took her. Kind of a Karate kid moment there in the beginning. Lovely old Zombie advisor, hope he is recurring. Quote from Rupert about the Zombie: “He is kind of like you, English. A bit uptight.

3rd episode: The mysterious Mr Tibbs (a rat who experiments on humans) who killed Ruperts wife surfaces and the team survives after some twists.

4th episode: Vampires are back in town. Ruperts taste of music stinks and Mina got a secret (surprise with a twist)! Sending Ruby to follow the vampire, are they retarded? Zippy loses his head :-)

5th episode: Harpy vengeance. Someone is out after the Helsing boy (suprise) and did you see the Ferengie that escaped from Star Trek? New blondie lands in Lukes life and he is clueless as any boy in love.

6th episode: The evil clown strikes again and Luke gets gooed is the catching intro to the last episode. Zombie man are back a short while. Luke learns more about his father.

Unfortunately the series ended after 6 episodes (an UK season usually are 4-6 episodes) or maybe it will be renewed, or getting picked up for an US version.