January 2010 in Reading

January was a good month for reading, I was on vacation until the 11th so I had lots of time to read. None of the books here was made a bad review, even if I wasn’t as fond of Multireal as I was of Infoquake, sorry David. It was really hard to rank the 7 first books this month, they all blew my mind. Ask me again tomorrow and I might change the order. If I included re reads into the list it would be different.

The picture was taken by me not very far from where I live in Norrbotten, Sweden. January is cold, it is -13C here today and darkness comes early so I prefer to stay at home with a good book.


  1. WE by Dickinson, John
  2. Darkship Thieves by Hoyt, Sarah A.  (DarkShip Thieves 1)
  3. Infoquake by Edelman, David Louis [profile] (Jump 225 Series 1)
  4. Cosmopath by Brown, Eric (Bengali Station Series 3)
  5. Multireal by Edelman, David Louis [profile] (Jump 225 Series2)
  6. Migration by Czerneda, Julia E (Species Imperative Series 2)
  7. Regeneration by Czerneda, Julia E (Species Imperative Series 3)
  8. Eye of the Storm by Ringo, John (Hedren War Series 1, Posleen universe)
  9. The Tuloriad by Ringo, John & Kratman, Tom (Posleen universe) sequel to Yellow Eyes
  10. Fire by Cashore, Kristin (The Seven Kingdoms 2)
  11. Valor’s Choice by Huff, Tanya (Confederation of Valor Series 1)
  12. Better Part of Valor by Huff, Tanya: (Confederation of Valor Series 2)
  13. The Heart of Valor by Huff, Tanya: (Confederation of Valor Series 3)
  14. Valor’s Trial by Huff, Tanya (Confederation of Valor Series 4)
  15. Starship: Flagship by Resnick, Mike (Starship Series 5)

Re reads

  1. Old Man’s War by Scalzi, John [profile] (Old Man’s War Series 1)
  2. Peace & War by Haldeman, Joe – omnibus version of Forever War, Forever Free, Forever Peace

Novellas and Short stories

  1. High Stakes by Hoyt, Sarah A. (DarkShip thieves universe) a free online short story
  2. Judge Sn Goes Golfing by Scalzi, John [profile] (Android’s Dream universe) a novella
  3. Neptune’s Orphans by Hoyt, Sarah A. (DarkShip thieves universe) a free online novelette