Covert Affairs 1.04 – No Quarter (Short Review)

Last week

Annie got to show off her car handling skills as she brought down a terrorist financier in Venezuela. It all started out as another routine mission gone wrong, of course.

This week

Annie gets sent on a simple courier job to Switzerland  but things doesn’t go well and she has to use all her talents to fulfill her mission with Eyal (Oded Fehr) an erratic, irritating Mossad agent who starts out like he is god’s gift to women and the Swiss police on her tail.  Eyal and Annie’s report is enjoyable and a great deal more interesting than her and Ben’s. Annie has such a natural flair to her that works well with the more intense Eyal, she is cool without being overbearing about it.

This was a change of pace from earlier since we follow Annie in the field for almost a whole episode with only minimum stops at the office and none at home. I like it, I am not saying they should skip her sister, the office drama or her bosses’ marriage problems but Annie in action is so much more entertaining.

An added obstacle this week was Auggie being suspected for being the leak and instead of being allowed to do his job helping Annie he spent most of the time hooked up to a polygraph. Who do you think is the press leak? I would guess it is slick wonder-boy Jai but that would almost be too obvious.

This is how I like my spy shows fast paced, light and entertaining action without too much drama. This is fast becoming one of my favorite new shows this summer.

Next week

Covert Affairs 1.05 – In the Light (USA)
Annie enlists the help of a reluctant former operative (Eriq La Salle) to stop a weapons shipment from a Sudanese arms dealer. Her mission attracts unusual attention, with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) and Annie’s ex Ben each showing interest in the case.

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