My first Editorial Review on

I have no idea if this is common or not, it is my first so it feels special. It is for Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell a book I love. It bums me I made some mistakes with the English there though.

“This is a marvelous story, I like coming of age stories and this is a mesmerizing one. It is also a nice change to have an everyday story about a young boy learning the ropes in the mercantile fleet in the 24th century during the golden age of the solar clippers…The characters are at center in story, they are detailed, warm and easy to love. I wouldn t mind at all working on the SC McKendrick it seems a nice place to be in much like the company I work at myself…Quarter Share is a mesmerizing tale of a young man coming of age and finding his place as a crewman aboard a solar clipper…Make sure you have free time and download the book is my recommendation.” –Cybermage, Reading & Watching Science Fiction

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