Shows in jeopardy

Cancelation time draws near on the networks. Here are my 10 pence.

  • Whitout a trace is a great show suffering from low ratings. It would be a shame if it went with such a great cast. Canceled
  • Cold Casesuffer the same low ratings and to be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing it go. It doesn’t really do anyting for me. Unofficially renewed
  • Knight Rider is also on the block. It’s so bad its almost good. Canceled
  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles might survive if the movie strikes up some interests. But with FOX you never know.Canceled
  • My Name is Earl: It is time to go. TBD
  • Kings deserves to live, dammit! but it looks bleak. Canceled
  • Castle is a new show with a cast to love. It should get a second season. Renewed
  • Reaperwas resurected once and my guess is its going. I hope not though. Canceled
  • Dollhouse need to sort it self out. Not likely to get another season. Renewed
  • Chuckis propably the show I am going to miss most if it goes. Ratings are not good though. Renewed

Shows that should be cancelled in my opinion:

  • Lost was good the first season and have been downhill ever since. Let it rest in peace.
  • All reality shows should be canceled in favor for scripted series. They will rot your brain, hear my words.
  • In treatment: I can’t understand they renewed that show

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