Myka Bering on Warehouse 13 [Female Protagonists on SF TV]

Myka Bering and Peter ‘Pete’ Lattimer are the main characters in the scientific fantasy tv show Warehouse 13. Myka is the stricter more by-the-book partner while Pete is the ‘rule-bender’. She takes her job very seriously and has many clashes with Lattimer. She even names her pet ferret Pete because they are both ‘cute and annoying.’

An experienced Secret Service agent, Myka was raised as the only child of parents who owned a book store. She acquired a keen eye for detail and soon parleyed that into government service, joining the Secret Service. The only blemish on her record was an assignment in Denver where she lost her partner and lover, Sam Marino, under personally painful circumstances. She was cleared of any wrongdoing but some rumors existed that she endangered him while seeking glory for herself.

Character: Myka Bering
Portrayed by: Joanne Kelly
TV Series: Warehouse 13
Original channel: Syfy
Status: Season 2 starts Tuesday, July 6
Start: July7, 2009
Episodes: 12

The main characters of the show are Special Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Berring who both got drafted to work at the Warehouse 13 after helping to save the President from a dangerous Meso American artifact at a Museum Exhibition, this is where the agents attracted the attention of Artie who is the manager of Warehouse 13. Shortly after both agents are met by Mrs Frederic who outranks their former employer and they are drafted in to South Dakota where they meet Artie and Lenna.

Myka is the other half of the secret agent team assigned to work on the Warehouse 13 cases, she is a hard working and dedicated agent who likes to have things planned out before making any moves. Her history and family life are not revealed until later in season one and all we know is that Myka was involved in a classified ‘situation’ that seems to hang on her and affect her in certain situations. Myka is the level headed agent in the team and likes to make sure that everything is going exactly as planned.

Early Life

Early on in her life, in Colorado Springs, Myka’s parents opened a bookstore called, “Bering and Sons,” even though she has no brothers, the ‘and Sons’ was only added to make the establishment sound classier. Myka was a member of Girl Scouts of the USA. She still has a troubled relationship with her father

Romantic Relationship

As a Secret Service agent, Myka was partnered with Sam Martino. He called her “Bunny” and it is implied that she was having a romantic affair with him while he was still married. Myka felt for a long time that she let Sam die because she was too slow. She was stricken with guilt and grief over Sam’s death until she acknowledged to herself that she had not been responsible and that Sam had been at fault for not following their plan to corner a criminal.

Secret Service Career

Myka served as an agent on presidential security detail. On August 8, 2009, an order was sent to Chief Supervisor Daniel Dickinson, Myka’s boss, ordering her immediate transfer to an undisclosed location from her branch in presidential security. The transfer was labeled as top secret and the authorization came from a single name, “Frederic.”


Myka likes puzzles and skating because it helps her think. She does not eat sugar except under stress, which likely stems from her strong desire to do things by the books and retain a strong amount of control over every aspect of her life.



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