Castle is back after Christmas 2.12 A Rose for Everafter

Castle is ducktaped in a chair when Becket calls about a murdered bridesmaid. He is greatly surprised when he recognise the bride, it is Kyra (guest starring Alyssa Milano), the one that got away. Both Kyra and Richard is visibly affected by meeting again,  to Becket’s annoyance. Becket forbids Castle to meet Kyra as long as the case is open. He is not impartial. More or less the whole wedding party is under suspicion

It is almost like Cluedo. Professor K did it in the library type.

Becket is clearly not impartial either, especially when she begins to suspect Kyra.

Kyra wonders if she is marrying the right guy. So she meets up with Castle on this roof top (picture) …

One of the thing i like with this show is the good natured easy to love characters. I wonder how many seasons we have to wait for Becket and Castle to have a go at bickering bliss?