Nikita Series Premiere [TV Review Recap]

I expected this to be entertaining CSI-level scifi action. The premise of the show is different from the original Nikita where she is recruited from prison and made an assassin. Here we start after that with her escaped from the government agency that recruited and trained her. Now she is about to launch her crusade to stop the Division from destroying more lives.

We switch over to a young girl caught in an attempted robbery and thrown in prison and waking up in a strange facility- Alex has been recruited by Michael. “your life is over but we decided to give you a second chance”.

Switching over to a pool party with lots of young girls entertaining elder guys. Entering a hot Nikita in a red bikini. Big boss ” You have to get wet if you want to stay”. “It’s going to make taking your bodyguard out so much harder” Nikita replies before snapping his neck. Good action scene where she takes the guards out and then she gets gunned down by Michael when she tries to run away. “There is no escape”.

It was a flash back Nikita has in a car in New Jersey before she visits old ‘daddy’ Gary. He is a bit surprised because she is supposed to be dead and she starts by beating him up. She tells him about what happened to her after she run away; how she was trained to be a government assassin and how she fell in love with a civilian and they killed him. It is clear that Gary abused her in some way. She tells him because she wants him to tell them it ends now probably getting him killed at the same time.

Meanwhile Alex is processed at the base where training takes place. Nikita’s former boss Percy is there taking the phone call. He orders Michael to take her down. “I want you to confirm the kill, think you can do that this time?”. The new recruit is hassled by Jade a jaded girl that has been there a while. Alex pushes back and assault her with a fork but Jade is stopped by another recruit named Tom. It looks like new girl in high school only with more violence.

Michael and another guy visits Gary and kill him. Nikita visits Daniel’s grave and remember her time with him snuggling in bed and him presenting her with a ring she now returns to the grave. Their surveillance finds her there.

Alex meets Amanda her future trainer. They have researched her former life pretty well. Seems like Alex reinvented herself as a 14 year old Ukrainian girl to loose her accent and becoming a american misfit with a false id.

A hit squad attacks Nikita in the graveyard but she is waiting on them with a convenient substitute doll as bait. She kidnaps their handler Birkov for a little chat. He seems surprised she is coming after them. She puts him on a spring-pony to be rescued. That scene with the hit team to the rescue and him on the pony in the park was a bit amusing.

Meanwhile the teen squad is training and chatting. Operation Black Arrow and Tom is the current subject. What ? I am in murder school now?

Michael is getting nervous and wants to suspend all operations but Percy orders them to go on before going on a fund raiser.

Nikita show off some sexy legs in her digs while dressing to kill. Her computer tells her which hotel, I guess she turned someone. A well protected African leader is the target for Black Arrow. Tom starts to pick down the guards when Nikita walks in on them. Nice leather outfit. She tases the leader and put him on a serving wagon but meets one of the senior assassins on the way out but he meets the guys bodyguards, delaying him so Nikita can escape. She drives him to the UN and tells him about the plot to kill him. Division has gone rogue.

Alex is a spunky little thing. She attempts to use a pair of scissors to force Amanda to help her escape.  Bugger, she talked her down.

Fundraising time. Percy has some trouble with his government boss when Michael walks in with news of Black Arrow being foiled by Nikita. As they discuss how hard she will be to find she walks in and say hello. She used an elderly senator to get in so they have to be civil to her. “I am going to take you apart piece by piece, mission by mission” “This was to show you I can get to you where it hurts, your funding” Nikita tells Percy. He declines her ‘offer’ and raise her some backup. With two armed servers sneaking up on her behind she blows up his car with a lipstick detonator. Creating a diversion so she can disarm one of them and use him as a human shield, pop the others and escape the room.

Michael catch up with her in the back alley outside. “Get down on the ground and spread your legs” he tells her. “just like old times” she replies. The dialog is quite corny. Percy is blackmailing everyone with evidence from every mission the Division has ever made Michael explains. Nikita walks closer as they touch on sex and feelings. He offers to give her a head start but as soon as he lowers his gun she draws and shoots him. In the shoulder. “I am only trying to protect you” she says turning his offer around before running away with his pistol. He looks a bit pissed.

Percy declares hunting season on Nikita and anyone helping her putting Michael in charge and Amanda on their international assets.

Surprise, Alex is her mole. I never saw that coming. Well done.

This new series is definitely  new take on the Nikita saga. It catches a lot of the things I found entertaining with the old one while doing so. The snappy but corny dialog; the surprise appearances; her and Michaels ‘complicated’ relationship all reminds me of the last series. Alex and the revenge is new and feels like the right thing to do. Just remaking what has already been done would get old pretty fast. I like the new Nikita.

Sneak Peek of episode 1.02 – 2.0

NIKITA IS CAUGHT IN A TRAIN STATION SHOOT-OUT — Percy and Michael take their latest assignment, a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes, into protective custody. Nikita learns of their hideout and attempts to thwart their plan, but a mysterious group of mercenaries in search of nuclear material beats her to the task. Alex is activated earlier than expected for a special assignment that throws her into the crossfire of bullets. A flashback reveals a pivotal moment in Nikita’s life.

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