Ancient Druids

At one time in my life i played a lot of World of Warcraft, my main character in the game was a female Night Elf Druid named Shadé (yes I like her songs too). Curiously enough I am a Real Life leisure Druid, aka member of The Ancient Order Of the Druid. That train of thought started with me being off on Friday night tending Bar for my fellow druids. And ending up on a literary favorite of mine.

Female Protagonists :: Quite a few of my favorite literary persons are female.

Elizabeth Moons:

Anne McCaffreys:

  • Sassinak with Elizabeth Moon
  • Sara (Restoree is another personal favorite)
  • Nimisha

Sheri S. Teppers:

  • Benita Alvarez-Shipton (The Fresco is another one)

These are a few of my favorite females beside the love of my life B.

Don’t you like to read good books again and again and again ?

I wonder if I can get a good spell checker for Serendipity?