Travis Yanan Reviews Betwixt, Nikita and Nomads Pilot Scripts

Travis Yanan reviews some of the interesting CW Pilots’ Scripts.


Betwixt has finished shooting the pilot and is expected to premier on CW this fall, probably at the same time as Vampire Diaries season two premieres. There is also rumors about Smallville and Vampire Diaries cross overs later in the show. You can read the latest Betwixt Casting News here or go on and read Travis’ review. Read the review »


Maggie Q as Nikita and Lyndsy Fonseca (“How I Met Your Mother”) as Alex the girl recruited to hunt her down. I watched the old Nikita, it was a bit trashy but enjoyable. This sounds better. Travis’ Review »


Group of free-spirited youths backpacking through other countries agree to perform secret missions for CIA sounded up my alley and appearently Travis thought so too.

Travis also reviewed some other pilots you have to check his site for.