Chuck 4.05 – Chuck vs the Couch Lock [TV Review]

Origin stories are always fun. Casey’s old teammates might be a bit miffed with him since he turned them in to the MP for trying to steal a pile of Irakian gold. He also seals the gold behind a lock only he can open. Meanwhile Morgan is living dangerously dating Casey’s daughter Alex.

Chuck flashes on Casey’s A-team mates. They might have information about his mother and now they have to kill Casey to lure them in. I smiled a lot when the general congratulated Chuck on his callousness and he went all mushy on Casey.

The A-team blows the floor and takes Casey at the funeral.  They loose track of Casey and he has to break free of himself and calls the Buy More for an extraction but gets Jeff. They think he is drugged and bring him home to Morgan. Alex comes knocking and Morgan sends her away when he sees one of the team.

Sarah and Chuck get caught by the A-team and Morgan gets advise from Awesome on how to wake Casey. I have been dating your daughter. Those Casey eyes! He wakes up and show how he feels about that. Morgan and Casey set out to rescue them. “Bring a book, we ain’t talking.”

A-team tells Chuck FROST is their boss and Chuck realizes she might be one of the bad guys. Delightful little blitz there at the end.

Morgan throws a party and invites Casey at the end. He brings Alex promise to break all of Morgan if he breaks her heart.

We leave with Chuck getting a call … from his mother.

I am happy Chuck is not going on a three week hiatus. I can’t wait to see where this will take us…

Chuck has a 24 episode season!

After viewing this I spotted the happy news on RSS.

You don’t have to wait that long for a sneak peak at next episode.

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