Farseed (Seed 2) by Pamela Sargent (Tor) [Book Review]

Ship has left and the children born and raised from its seed have grown up and their children are starting to learn the world. Ho’s sixteen-years-old daughter Nuy discovers a group of strangers she has never seen before. They are from the original settlement Ho left many years ago. This starts a series of events that rekindle old conflicts and bring forward a penned up need for change. This also brings the descendants of Zoheret and Ho together. The adults all grew up inside Ship’s protected environment and many of them still have problem to assimilate to living on a planet with open sky. The young generation has a closer connection to the planet especially those raised away from the domed original settlement.

I am sure some readers will be disappointed when they discover that there are new main characters in this novel and the old familiar ones we came to love in Earthseed have been demoted to supporting roles. I might have felt some initial disappointment but was soon caught up in the lives of Nuy and Leila.

Nuy grew up in the wilderness of this new planet among the people that choose to live in the wilderness. She is an emotionally conflicted character that has to confront an abusive father that she still has feelings for. This is something that grows and changes her through the story.

Leila  is the other protagonist, she grew up with the knowledge and technology that is still around in the original settlement and she has to compete with the elder generation’s tendency to enclose and remove them self from the world that is Home.

There are some surprising twists to the story and the pacing is mostly okay. I like coming of age stories and learning the world like the one here. The characters are the best part of the story, the two young girls especially. And it is refreshing that they don’t go for a simplistic romance approach. It is not a story about the Boys in their lives.

Farseed doesn’t quite reach up to the heights of Earthseed but it is noticeable that it is written almost twenty years after the first novel. Pamela has developed as a writer and it shows in the craft. The first had Ship, a wonderful character I miss in the sequel.

I am reading book three, Seed Seeker at the moment and you can expect a review of it next week.


Title: Farseed
Series: Seed book 2
Author: Pamela Sargent
Genre: Science Fiction
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Tor (2007)
Copy: Bought it myself

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Centuries ago, the people of Earth sent Ship into space. Deep within its core, it carried the seed of humankind…

More than twenty years have passed since Ship left its children, the seed of humanity, on an uninhabited, earthlike planet—a planet they named Home. Zoheret and her companions have started settlements and had children of their own. But, as on board Ship, there was conflict, and soon after their arrival, Zoheret’s old nemesis, Ho, left the original settlement to establish his own settlement far away.

When Ho’s daughter, fifteen-year-old Nuy, spies three strangers headed toward their settlement, the hostility between the two groups of old shipmates begins anew and threatens to engulf the children of both settlements. Can the divided settlers face the challenges of adapting to their new environment in spite of their conflicts? And if they do, will they lose their humanity in the process?